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This Javascript Beautifier/formatter Tool may be used in a variety of ways.

How to format javascript online

In the editor, type in the javascript code.
Select the tab or space indentation option. When it comes to indentation, you have the option of choosing how many spaces to use.
Select characters for Warp Lines, such as wrapping after 40/70/80 or more. To prevent automatic wrapping, choose do not to wrap.
The javascript code will be formatted and shown in output when you click the Format JS button.
It's a tool for improving the look and feel of Javascript code.
You can use Javascript Beautifier/formatter to make your Javascript code seem better. The output will be formatted or beautified if you paste any unindented or minified code.

What's the point of sprucing up javascript?

Beautifying minified or unindented code aids in the reading, understanding, and debugging of such code by developers. It also makes it easy for other programmers to read the code of other programmers.

Does this tool for formatting JavaScript work?

The javascript formatting library is used in this online formatter tool, making it easy to format the code. Regular expressions on the source code are used to power the library. Indentation, line wrapping, and additional lines may all be removed using regular expressions since they match the codes.

Formatting a Javascript page online
A basic illustration of this may be seen below:


JavaScript code to be entered: $ (document).

"This is a demo notice," it reads.

Check here to see how to output properly formatted javascript code:

To make it easier for developers to understand and debug, make sure that the input code is formatted to several lines with appropriate indentations. Highlights for syntax errors are included as well.

Is it safe to use this javascript formatter?

It is safe and secure to use this javascript formatter utility. Your information is not stored on our servers. The data is not accessible to any other parties.

What is the best way to reduce the size of the javascript code?
Use this to reduce the size of your javascript code.

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