Base64 Decode

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Use this tool to learn how to decode Base64 on the internet.

In the "Base64" field, type in your string.
Decide on a typical algorithm (if you do not know, leave it as it is, as the decoder will automatically detect it).
If you want to ensure that your Base64 string includes only valid characters, use the tight decoding option.
Select the "Character Encoding" option if you know the original data's encoding.
Then click "Decode Base64."
The "Text" field results may be downloaded or copied.
Base64 decoders on the internet adhere to established standards
In order to claim the title of "greatest Base64 decoder," it must be able to decode the following:

In the First Place (used by default by everyone and everywhere)
MIME is an acronym for Multipurpose Internet Messaging (the output is split into fixed 76 line-length and is used to encode email content, such as files, or non-latin letters)
ASCII Protection (used by OpenPGP, is identical to the Base64 for MIME, but appends a checksum of input)
a Base64 URL (unlike other standards, the output of this standard can be safely used as a filename or URL)
The Internet Message Access Protocol (used by Internet Message Access Protocol as mailbox international naming convention)
INPUT/OUTPUT MANAGEMENT (a deprecated standard originally used by the Privacy-Enhanced Mail protocol)
It is an xsd:NMTOKEN (provides safe strings to be used as valid XML Name Tokens)
The xsd:Name property (provides safe strings to be used as valid XML Identifiers)
In the Base64 decoder, character encodings are supported.


The following character encodings are also supported for decoding strings:

UTF-8, UTF-7, ASCII, ANSI X3.4-1968, iso-ir-6, ANSI X3.4-1986, ISO 646.irv:1991, US-ASCII, ISO646-US, us, IBM367, cp367, csASCII, EUC-JP, EUC, x-euc-jp, SJIS, x-sjis, SHIFT-JIS, eucJP-win, eucJP-open, eucJP-ms, SJIS-win, SJIS-open, SJIS-ms,
Why does the online Base64 decoder allow characters that aren't valid?
When using this online tool to decode Base64 strings, it trims letters outside of the Base64 alphabet, enabling decoding even if the characters are unsuitable in terms of standard. These issues may be avoided if the Base64 string is copied with additional spaces or punctuation marks. The "Strict Decoding" option makes it simple to disable this function.

It's simple to decode base64 data into plain text using the Base64 Decode Online tool. Copy, Paste, and Decode

What is Base64 Decode used for?
Using Base64 Decode, you can decode base64 data and get it back as plain text.
Base64 data may be decoded with the aid of this utility, which saves you time.
The Base64 data URL may be used to load base64 encoded content and decode it to human-readable language using this tool. Using the URL button, type in the URL and then press the Submit button.
Uploading a base64 data file will also convert it to plain text for the user.
You may use the online version of Base64 Decoder with ease on any of the above-mentioned platforms.
What does Base64 stand for?
Base64 is a base-64 numeral system that employs a 64-bit set of digits and maybe encoded using six bits.

In order to express binary data in an ASCII string, Base64 encoding systems convert it to a radix-64 representation.

Binary data may be encoded using Base64, for example, in email messages and web pages. Another use is for sending large binary files via channels that are not 8-bit clean or where byte order isn't a factor.

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