Free HTML Encoder/Decoder Tool

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Free HTML Encoder/Decoder Tool

12/04/2021 12:00 AM

HTML Encoder

HTML encoder / decoder using Vue.js & Lodash.js

The following are 5 free online HTML entity decoders. Using an HTML entity allows you to show reserved characters To decode HTML entities, all of these websites use the same process. HTML entities may be decoded and encoded by each website. In a textbox, you may paste your input and convert it to a different format. Additionally, several of these sites give extra choices like character set selection, solely encoding non-ASCII characters, and more. Such possibilities may be customized to suit your needs. All of these websites provide more than just HTML entity encodes, which might be useful for web development. Check out each of these websites to find which one best meets your requirements.


All of these websites function quite similarly. is my favorite HTML Entities Decoder in this list, although you may use all of them. Anyone may use it with ease. The HTML entities are encoded and decoded in separate boxes, preventing any misunderstanding. I enjoy this website since it has a wide variety of tools to choose from. In one spot, web developers may access and utilize a wide range of tools for their work.