CSS Minifier & Beautifier

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CSS Minifier & Beautifier

02/24/2022 12:00 AM

CSS Minifier

CSS Beautifier

The Code Minifier and Beautifier for HTML and CSS

Removes white spaces, indentation characters, and line breaks that are unnecessary.
Simplifies code by removing comments and the final semicolon of a style statement.
Removes CSS declarations that are empty.
The zero-valued value is removed from the units.
It removes the leading zero from float values that fall below a certain threshold
Shortening the hexadecimal encoding of RGB colour values
A pattern of #AABBCC hexadecimal colours is reduced to #ABC.
Maintains a single charset per CSS file, eliminating all further declarations.
When it is possible and safe to do so, all None values are set to 0.

If your CSS Style Sheets are jumbled, minified, or obfuscated, enter them here and we'll tidy them up for you. Line numbers and syntax highlighting are included for your convenience in the editor shown above. There are a plethora of customization options available for the beautifier.

As a rule of thumb, when should you utilise it
As you write CSS Style Sheets, you may find that your indentation, spacing, and other formatting is a little jumbled up. It is not uncommon for a team of developers, each with their own set of formatting preferences, to collaborate on a single project. In order to keep the formatting of a file constant, use this utility. Minification and obfuscation of CSS Style Sheets are also frequent practises. In order to make that code more understandable, you may utilise this tool.

Following are some examples of minified CSS stylesheets.