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Chelmsford • Essex Police • Nelson Grove

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15 Year Old Girls Assaulting Police Officer in Chelmsford High Street, And Then The Boy Gets Maced.

Going for a stroll through Chelmsford High Street tonight, when I witnessed boozed up 15 year olds assaulting a police officer, and ... Back

BMW Driver runs red light in front of police, Chelmsford Essex REG - B21 SAC

No attempt to brake or accelerate through the light, perhaps was on the phone.. certainly wasn\'t paying attention. Back

Top 10 Worst Places to Live in England

Get more Tips here! According to, which has been compiling this list for more than a ... Back

Essex Traffic Police - on patrol

We experience the duties of the high speed police traffic car patrols around the county of Essex. We stop a driver for doing over ... Back

*RARE* Essex Police Convoy with armoured Jankel

Essex Police BMW 530d traffic car followed by a V70 traffic car in convoy with a Jankel armoured vehicle and XC70 ARV ... Back

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Walking in Chelmsford High Street, Essex, UK 🛍️ Summer 2022 [4K]

Today we are walking on a summer\'s afternoon in Chelmsford, Essex, UK! We walk from Chelmsford Train Station, through the ... Back

Danger of Death outside Chelmsford Police Station

Where are the boundaries when officers want to smoke outside the Police Station.. Should they be smoking in view of the Public. Back

Quick ride to Chelmsford, Essex / Baan Noodles - on Street Triple R

Snippets of my quick ride to Chelmsford! Thai food from Baan\' Noodles. Winter ride with my street triple r 675 (lovely). Back

Lot 71 - June Online Auction - Flat 11, Wingrove Court, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

LOT 71: Flat 11, Wingrove Court, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4ES AUCTION DATE: Wednesday 17th June 2020 ... Back

Chelmsford North East Bypass

An introduction to the Chelmsford North East Bypass and Beaulieu Station. For more information visit ... Back

Motorshow Events Present Fathers Day Motorfest 2022. The Biggest Family Day Out! Chelmsford Essex

Get Ready For Fathers Day Motorfest 2022! “The Biggest Fathers Day Event For The Whole Family” One of the UK\'s biggest ... Back

Chelmsford Essex Vintage Postcards

Chelmsford Essex Vintage Postcards #chelmsford #essex #vintage Back

Chelmsford - Essex

Chelmsford really is a great place to make as a base for discovering the best of Essex. Chelmsford is recognised as the home of ... Back

Gloucestershire Police & Crime Commissioner, Chris Nelson on Operation Scorpion: No Place for Drugs

Gloucestershire\'s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) says a series of joint raids in which more than £130K worth of drugs ... Back

CRHnews - MP Vicky Ford hails return of Essex Police PCSOs

Chelmsford Council is to fund two new PCSOs in a bid to “enhance the safety of residents” By Piers Meyler, Local Democracy ... Back

PC Wealls

PC Wealls is Harwich\'s newest officer and a former supermarket employee who is using her transferable skills to protect and serve ... Back

Biggest Harlem Shake in Essex (Chelmsford Edition)

Over 100 people turned up to this attempt of the biggest harlem shake in ChelmsfordmEssex. However the lack of people bringing ... Back

Essex from a Police Car, c. 1947 (VA 3/4/1/1)

Film created by Essex Police to show examples of careless driving in several towns around the county. The film was made in c. Back

CRHnews : There Is A River in flood at Chelmsford

The River Wid broke its banks as it streamed underheath the A12 slip road from London, flooding Hylands House Estate, Writtle, ... Back

UK - Travel video - Chelmsford, Essex and Kaspas vlog

I show you around Chelmsford in Essex, UK. We also visit Kaspas desserts\' & bring you guys on our journey! disclaimer: Mask is ... Back

Chelmsford, Essex, UK 2022 | City Centre walking tour

We hope you enjoy this Chelmsford, Essex, UK 2022 City Centre walking tour. If you\'re thinking of moving to Chelmsford Essex, ... Back

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