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Colour is an essential part of every design job, whether you're developing a logo, establishing a website, or defining brand identity.

Because colour is significant, we designers take it seriously. Users with various varieties of colour blindness might perceive your site differently depending on the colours you employ. Choose wisely.

When it comes to picking the right hue, there is a multitude of tools and pickers available. Dozens of designers, including those at, were surveyed on their preferred software for working with colour. Let's take a closer look!

The 12 most effective tools for designers to choose colours

Using a colour picker is one of the most frequent tools used by designers since it allows us to rapidly copy and paste colours from our displays.

a Chrome plugin called ColorPick Eyedropper

Hovering your mouse pointer over any UI element and the ColorPick Eyedropper chrome addon will reveal the Hex colour code, making it ideal for designers. You may quickly access the colours that inspire you when you're exploring the web.

an eyedropper with a colour pick
Hex colour codes may be found using ColorPick.

2. Color Snapper

Action shots of ColorSnapper 2
It's easy to achieve the precise shade you desire with ColorSnapper 2's magnifier.
Among the several colour pickers available, ColorSnapper has proven to be the most popular among our designers. It's easy to utilise a magnifying colour picker on whatever you view, online or off, using this well-known Mac programme.

ColorSnapper saves the colour you chose in the colour panel for you to utilise at a later date. A quick duplicate of the colour is all you need. ColorSnapper will automatically copy the saved colour to your clipboard when you click on it.

Chrome's all-in-one seo tool

An in-app colour picker is provided by the allseotoolfree Chrome addon
Of course, we'd be remiss not to add our Chrome Extension, which enables an in-allseotoolfree colour picker so web designers can effortlessly get colours from within their project. Getting the proper colour from a logo, hero photo, or image is as simple as selecting it from within the app. It's easy to create a global swatch once you've grabbed the hue, which can then be used across your site.

What a time-saver!

A tool to help you create a colour scheme or palette

An excellent approach to see your full colour scheme at a glance is to use a palette generator. For example, it helps determine what your major and secondary colour schemes may be.

Choosing colours might be a challenge, but there are tools available to assist us in the process!

4. The Hues of Joy

No other than Mackenzie Child, who utilised allseotoolfree to build her stunning colour palettes, Happy Hues shows you exactly how these colours may be applied in real-world designs.

colours of happiness for Mackenzie child

When it comes to colour theory, Happy Hues is both a terrific resource for finding the perfect colours for your designs and a great learning tool.

In addition, there is the issue of colour.

Generator of a colour scheme
Our quest to discover the origins of the word "Color" continues with its swatch generator, which is nearly as simple to use. Try it out! This generator is available straight in your browser, so there's no excuse not to!


Creating a colour palette using Coolors
Colours make it simple to choose and fine-tune your colour scheme.
In addition to Coolors, there are several alternative palette generators. Any colour may be chosen and a suitable colour scheme for any design project can be created depending on the selected colour. As a result, Coolors allows you to export, store, and reuse your palette in applications like Adobe. A mobile app for Coolors makes it possible to browse and edit your colour schemes on the go.

The LOLColors are number seven.

lol colors
LOLColors is a collection of handpicked colour palettes. You may easily 'like' a palette and see which are the most popular based on other users' choices. The palettes themselves are nicely put together, even if they don't have as much volume as some of the others on this list.

The Color Wheel from Brandmark Inc.

the colour wheel of the brandmark
Auto-coloring tools like Brandmark's Color Wheel are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). To easily produce colour palettes, simply submit your design. This is a great tool for getting ideas, too. Upload a flat design and you'll be presented with thousands of different colour options.

Getting some creative juices flowing

Colorful gradients may now be used in web design without the need to create big pictures or write sophisticated code thanks to advances in HTML and CSS. Now, the only challenge is narrowing down your options!

Our top four options for assisting you in the choosing of a colour scheme are summarised below.

The CSS Gradient is number nine.

colour picker for a gradient in CSS
Simply said, CSS Gradient is a gorgeous collection of gradient colour choices. Any colour you choose on the site contains its RGB and hexadecimal colour values, making it easy to use them in your own projects.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Color users' colour palettes
Adobe Color palettes created by users.
It's impossible to find a finer source of colour inspiration than our surroundings. I use Adobe Capture CC, an iOS app, the most out of Adobe's Color Ecosystem (which includes a swatch generator).

An automated colour palette is generated from the colours of a photo taken with the app. In Photoshop or elsewhere, you may then utilise these colours.

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Colormind, n.

the colormind colour picker.
An online colour palette generator called Colormind utilises deep learning to produce colour ideas from scratch or based on what you tell it. Using photos, movies, or other material as inspiration, Colormind is one of the most intelligent colour palette generators available - colour me impressed.

Intricately patterned

selector with a colour palette
For online and print designers, Colorable is a great tool for experimenting with alternative colour schemes. Colors may be fine-tuned quickly and easily using RGB and HSV values. Simply enter the hex values for two colours, and the system will evaluate the colour combination based on WCAG accessibility requirements. Users with colour blindness or other visual impairments can still make sense of the design thanks to this colour contrast rating.

One of our current faves, this site emphasises accessibility at the heart of its suggestions.

Some of the colour tools we use on a daily basis are these. Please share your favourites with us on Twitter or Facebook.