The Future of YouTube in 2022 and 2023, Based on 16 Predictions and Projections

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The Future of YouTube in 2022 and 2023, Based on 16 Predictions and Projections

08/30/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Trending

The Future of YouTube in 2022 and 2023, Based on 16 Predictions and Projections

YouTube is, without a question, the best website for sharing videos online. The website has become the epicentre of contemporary video culture and is unrivalled among social media sites. Due to its popularity, video marketers have started using YouTube to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Positive results, however, have proved elusive, particularly for marketers that aren't keeping up with major YouTube trends.

The site has a wide variety of interesting articles and videos, from instructional tutorials to political propaganda. There has been a flood of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and bogus news recently, some of which have even been spreading regarding the COVID-19 virus (Reuters, 2020). In this environment, it's challenging to be heard over the din. It is, nevertheless, very feasible to benefit from the site's rising popularity.

This post will fill you up on the newest developments on YouTube. For business owners, marketers, brand influencers, and advertisers, we have sifted through data and reports to identify meaningful trends. To promote your business and stay up with environmentally conscious customers, you may employ video marketing.

Key YouTube Trends You Should Know

  • YouTube's Popularity Keeps Rising
  • Fighting the Misinformation Epidemic on YouTube
  • YouTube's New Live, 360° Shop Videos
  • Instructional Guides
  • Topics Chosen by Audience Members
  • Rituals Performed Both During the Day and Night Videos
  • Video Recordings Capable of Being Viewed in 360 Degrees
  • Commercials on YouTube are better than those on television.
  • Documentaries Starring Famous People
  • Wide-Ranging ASMR Fun
  • Youtube's Ugly to Beautiful Makeover Contest for Its Search Engine
  • The Rise of the Sustainable Lifestyle Gamers

The commercial world of today is very competitive, with millions of goods and services all fighting for customers' attention. The intense rivalry in the marketplace has pushed marketers to explore novel strategies for increasing product visibility. How? One method is content marketing, which has become an integral part of many advertising departments. Marketers are using everything from blogs, podcasts, and infographics to ebooks, whitepapers, and case studies in an effort to capture the attention of customers.

Youtube Backlinks Generator

But video marketing has clearly surpassed all others in recent years. It's not hard to understand why video marketing has become the dominant form of advertising. YouTube and other Google sites were the top visited video sites in the United States in 2020. A huge percentage of people who have access to the internet have used YouTube only in the third quarter of 2020. Seventy-seven percent of internet users between the ages of 15 and 35 utilised the site throughout the survey's time frame, the study found (AudienceProject, 2020).

Not only that, but a stunning 70% of YouTube viewers have made a purchase after viewing a commercial for a product on the site (Google, 2020).

It seems that there are two main components of video marketing that make it so appealing. To begin with, video is a fantastic tool for grabbing the attention of your target audience. Most buyers nowadays just don't have time to read a drawn-out essay on a product or listen to a lengthy sales talk. Marketers may avoid this issue altogether with the use of video. With its help, disseminating data in a manner that users really care about is a breeze.

Second, you may easily tug at your customers' emotional chords by using video to convey your message. This is due to the fact that videos include both music and imagery, which are shown to elicit stronger emotional responses than text alone. Customers will develop an emotional investment in your company and goods as they watch videos.

In addition, video provides much-needed transparency. Increased conversion and greater return on investment are produced when these three elements are fused together in a video. HubSpot claims, for instance, that using a video in your landing page design may raise conversion rates by as much as 80%. (HubSpot, 2020).

1. YouTube Continues to Grow

It seems like a weird combination, yet YouTube, the epidemic, and the ongoing lockdown are all popular. By the middle of March 2020, as widespread quarantines and lockdowns were beginning, people flocked to YouTube for a variety of reasons, including revisiting old video haunts, exploring unexplored territories, and making new friends. Consider the dramatic rise in popularity of a video teaching people how to create the ideal sourdough starter. Even though most of these viewers didn't sit down thinking, "I wonder if I could make some slow-fermented bread," they ended up thinking about it. This is the first video that many people ever seen on YouTube. That was the definitive proof that YouTube had found the secret to its phenomenal success.

YouTube started in February of 2005, but its popularity and user base have skyrocketed since then. From its humble beginnings as an 18-second video titled "Me at the Zoo," YouTube has grown to become the second most visited website in the world, behind only Google. These days, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the site has over 1 billion views every day.

The staggering number of individuals that use YouTube each day is 30 million. Additionally, every month, YouTube attracts over 2 billion unique visitors who are logged into their accounts (YouTube, 2021). This makes it the third most popular website in the world, after Google and Facebook. Additionally, YouTube has over 1 billion monthly users who collectively watch over 1 billion hours of video per day.

Some Crucial YouTube Stats

More than 70% of all viewing time occurs on mobile devices. According to a ten-year forecast on YouTube (2021)
80 – the number of possible languages. According to Hootsuite (2021), YouTube has paid its partners over $2 billion in the last five years. The Hootsuite 2020/21 State of the Industry Report
The number of companies adopting Content ID has risen to over 9000, and it includes major television networks, record labels, and film studios. To far, YouTube partners have claimed over 800 million videos using Content ID (Hootsuite, 2021). According to Hootsuite (2021), the Content ID database now has over 75 million active reference files. As evidence of its depth, it was awarded a Primetime Emmy. As of the year 2021 (Hootsuite),
YouTube may be accessed in over one hundred different languages. As of the year 2021 (Hootsuite),
Over a billion hours of video are seen by over two billion registered users per month. (Hootsuite, 2021).
The percentage of channels with six-figure annual revenues increased by 40% year on year. The Hootsuite 2020/21 State of the Industry Report
The percentage of channels making five figures annually has increased by 50% year over year. There was a 65% year-over-year increase in the number of channels that had more than a million members in 2020 (Hootsuite, 2021). The Hootsuite 2020/21 State of the Industry Report
At this point, YouTube is responsible for regulating a large portion of the web. The ever-increasing figures point to a social networking platform that is ahead of the curve when it comes to video sharing online. YouTube has positioned itself as an excellent social network for the commercial sector in addition to the entertainment sector. Researchers predict that by 2020, 82% of all internet traffic throughout the globe would have been video-based, signalling the continued emergence of this social channel as an important one for businesses to communicate with their customers (Cisco, 2020).

It shouldn't come as a surprise that many companies use YouTube now. In fact, 62.9% of companies utilised YouTube to submit a video in 2019 (Buffer, 2019) before the epidemic hit. With YouTube's increasing prominence, the business video industry has become more cutthroat. This is why originality alone won't get your video far in the YouTube rankings. Rather, your videos will appeal to customers only if you employ sound video marketing techniques and above all, comprehend the present and developing YouTube video trends. To learn more about the state of the video marketing industry, check out this comprehensive report.

2. YouTube and the Epidemic: Countering Falsehoods

Accessing the proper information in a time of crisis may be facilitated by social media platforms like YouTube. However, many false claims and hypotheses of a cover-up using COVID-19 have spread widely. Over 38 million individuals have contracted the epidemic and over a million have died. In addition, the pandemic effectively halted economic growth around the world. Especially when the health of the public is at stake, it is very risky to make absurd assertions.
Maintaining an impartial stance while yet allowing users to express themselves freely is a difficult balancing act. Since February of 2020, however, YouTube has proactively removed over 200,000 videos that spread false and potentially harmful information about COVID-19 (Reuters, 2020). When a user searches for information about COVID-19, they will now see health information panels in the search results. These health displays provide access to resources provided by the NHS and the WHO. The YouTube Health panel for self-assessment was released on April 30, 2020 to aid users in determining whether they need to see a doctor (Google, 2021).

On November 17, 2020, YouTube included connections to credible external sources in its COVID-19 information panels. These panels, however, were not intended to provide an opinion on the reliability of the video they appear in.

In the future, YouTube is expected to continue this trend of accepting greater accountability for the material it hosts. The work done last year won't be the last. In reality, the company has promised to work with medical groups to improve the quality of its video content. These partnerships include institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, the American Public Health Association, the Cleveland Clinic, and The Forum at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

This is a big change from when it was simply an ad-supported video provider. Anticipate YouTube to take more initiative in the near future. Time will tell if this is a good or harmful development.

3. Video-sharing website YouTube Live

Videos with a plot are more appealing to viewers. A live broadcast is the most effective medium for sharing an engaging brand narrative. This is due to the fact that live streaming foster first-person engagement, fostering real-time consumer-brand empathy and connection. Customers are intrigued by the opportunity to have a conversation with a company, and as a result, they stay on a website for longer.

YouTube has joined the live-streaming bandwagon, which has swept the social media landscape. There are a tonne of cool ways you can interact with viewers using YouTube Live, which is why it's such a fantastic live streaming function. YouTube's live stream capability has revolutionised the media industry since its introduction in 2011.

Live streams on YouTube now attract more viewers than traditional videos. As more people go toward live streaming, traditional video consumption declines. Indeed, live video attracts an average attention span eight times that of video on demand among customers. To get more out of YouTube, you'll need to adjust your approach.

Using YouTube Live, videos may seem more genuine and approachable. It's a great way for brands and marketers to have unscripted dialogues with their audiences on YouTube Live. Consumers will feel more appreciated if you make it possible for them to interact with you on a personal level through YouTube Live by asking questions and chatting with you. In this manner, the customers will feel compelled to return the favour. Therefore, it's likely that they'll appreciate what you're offering them.

Top Live-Streamed YouTube Trends

YouTube live Q&As are a great idea that you should implement.

Live streaming on YouTube are a great way to show off your wares.

It's also a good idea to present your brand influencer through YouTube Live.

First and foremost, you should be using live video on YouTube to communicate your brand's narrative.

4. Shopping in virtual reality

YouTube is a major search engine in its own right, second only to Google. It has more searches than Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL put together. Youtube is a great resource for shoppers because of this and the fact that more and more people are basing their purchasing choices on the content of videos they've seen.

YouTube also encourages its users to upload shopping-related content. The platform facilitates the creation of a wide variety of video types, including "Hauls," "Shop With Me," "Gift recommendations," and "Product Review" movies, all of which are useful to consumers both before and after they make a purchase. Digital films vary widely in quality, but they all aim to streamline the viewing experience for the user.

A "Shop with Me" video may provide a walkthrough of a department store. A videographer records the whole process so that viewers can see how to choose an item like a denim dress from A to Z. This removes any doubts about the dress's quality or its price from the mind of the prospective customer, who may try it on with confidence.

The proliferation of in-depth product reviews on YouTube has completely changed the retail industry. For example, research shows that 80% of internet consumers have seen a YouTube video (Think with Google) about the product they want to purchase. In addition, the popularity of "shop with me" films has increased tenfold in the previous two years. There was also a 120% spike in videos titled "does it work," and a 100% increase in those titled "Everything you need to know."

As can be seen, many people turn to YouTube for advice and information before making a purchase. Consumers no longer sit passively during shopping videos; instead, they actively participate. It's a phenomenally interactive experience that ultimately leads to sales for the featured companies. Videos promoting purchases have a high rate of success, therefore you should capitalise on this growing market.

5. Instructional Guides

YouTube isn't the first place you'd go for a "how-to" video. The fad has been going strong for quite some time, and it shows no signs of abating. The parent firm of YouTube, Google, has made adjustments to boost the popularity of how-to clips.

The results you obtain from a Google search nowadays fall into two categories. For one, there are traditional textual results, and secondly, there are instructional video outcomes. Because they show as well as tell, more and more people are turning to video tutorials for help instead of simply reading about or reading about and reading about a solution.

Viewers may learn how to accomplish just about anything with the help of how-to videos. Consumers' lives are made easier, questions about how to use items are answered, and precious minutes are saved thanks to their clear and concise instructions. Alternatively, the videos relieve pressure on support staff by answering frequently asked questions and addressing common problems in advance.

You might be excused for dismissing how-to videos as a challenging prospect when you consider them from the standpoint of a company. A closer examination of how-to and educational video, however, indicates that this genre is one of the finest methods to grab customers' attention on YouTube. How-to videos, according to recent studies, are the most popular kind of video on YouTube (Think with Google). In addition, according to Think with Google, 67% of millennials are under the firm belief that they can locate a tutorial video on any topic they choose to research.

6. Content Chosen by Its Followers

YouTube producers had complete editorial freedom until quite recently. But times have changed, and audiences now have a say in what they see. Competition is intense because audiences are demanding more and more from their favourite artists.

Moreover, it is more challenging than ever to grab the interest of a spectator. Making movies that people want to watch requires a lot of imagination and careful planning so that the artist can engage with the audience. YouTubers, however, have figured out how to make their videos more relatable to their audience.

Influencers are increasingly holding two-way conversations with their audiences before they create content, rather than just prescribing what should be created. Producers of online films are increasingly putting resources into the kinds of interactions that their audiences want, such as live broadcasts, polls, and comments. This manner, companies may get feedback from their audience while also fostering the relationships that lead to a more invested viewership. Here, you may put to use one of the most effective tools for managing client reviews and comments.

The 'follower decides' movement unquestionably elevates the influencer-viewer dynamic. Are there any advantages for marketers from this trend? More than 100 million people have seen the trending followers-decide videos on YouTube over the last year (Think with Google).


7 Video Recordings of Daily Activities

Throughout history, the human fascination for tales has been constant. When a tale has personal relevance, the audience pays more attention. This morning/evening ritual craze is a prime example of the kind of narrative content that has made YouTube so popular. Videos posted in the morning and evening focus on everyday habits rather than the kind of story you may find on YouTube.

A morning video can include a person's coffee ritual, workout programme, and skincare routine. Essential oil use before sleep, on the other hand, may be shown in films depicting nighttime routines.

The most prevalent issues with one's morning and evening routines are addressed in films created specifically for this purpose. Celebrities and other influencers record themselves going through their daily routines, such as getting ready for bed, decompressing after a long day, or completing any other activity associated with the morning or evening. Inspiring others and providing guidance in making decisions about skincare and cosmetics, they publish these routine videos online.

Morning and evening routine videos are becoming more popular. In fact, data shows that people are spending 80% more time watching films about their nightly routines, while spending 300% more time watching movies about their morning routines. Sixty percent of those who buy online report that they were influenced by a video they saw on YouTube (Think with Google).

Videos documenting people's daily morning and nightly routines are becoming popular. Video content like this is very attractive for product placement since it is specifically designed to meet the immediate demands of the viewer.

8. Video in 360 Degrees

There's no denying that we all like discovering new methods of interacting with goods and information. In reality, it's far easier to settle on a purchase when you're given an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the goods in question. 360-degree movies are an excellent resource for doing in-depth research on a product.

Brands' approaches to consumer-facing product promotion have undergone a sea shift with the advent of 360-degree films. Consumers could only watch videos by clicking on them, and there was no option to modify the angle of the screen at first.

The advent of 360-degree films, however, has altered that. 360-degree films provide viewers more freedom of movement and interaction than ever before with video content. Virtual reality has never been more exciting than in these videos.

The most exciting aspect of 360-degree films is the authentic interaction they generate via immersive material. Consumers may watch the movies at their leisure and get a comprehensive look at the product.

9. Ads on YouTube are more effective than TV commercials 

Until recently, commercials on TV were the norm in the corporate world. Nonetheless, there has been a tremendous shift in the marketing landscape, and companies are seeing diminishing profits from TV commercials as a result. Prime time television commercials are not only prohibitively costly, but they also no longer effectively target a sizable portion of the population. It's no surprise that companies are shifting their advertising budgets away from television in light of the internet's impact on traditional media consumption, particularly during prime time.

As TV ad revenue continues to decline, the tables have reversed in favour of YouTube commercials. Advertisements on YouTube have been more popular among major companies in recent years. This makes sense given that YouTube commercials cost far less and reach significantly more people than TV ads. One Nielsen survey found that YouTube's mobile audience exceeds that of all major cable networks among adults (Think with Google). Additional impressive numbers include:

During prime hour, mobile YouTube viewing dominates (Think with Google, 2021).
Seventy-five percent of consumers regularly use YouTube on their mobile devices while relaxing in their own homes.
Consumers are 84% more likely to see paid mobile advertisements on YouTube compared to television commercials.
The numbers show that YouTube commercials are more effective than TV commercials. In addition, YouTube has transformed mobile video consumption from a casual, on-the-go pastime to an evening staple. Therefore, where TV commercials formerly thrived, YouTube commercials now reign supreme, and this tendency is gaining momentum. You may simply reach your objectives by integrating YouTube's mobile advertising with a top mobile marketing platform.

10. Networks Dedicated to Famous People

In the past, well-known people needed intermediaries like magazines and record companies to get their work out into the world. New technical developments in the realm of social media, however, have altered the playing field.

These days, mainstream stars are more invested than ever in maintaining personal connections with their devoted following. This necessitates breaking with convention so that followers may see them in their natural state. Thus, many famous people have stopped releasing material via record companies. They're using it to make their brand more urgent to consumers and build relationships with their supporters.

Numerous famous people have made Instagram and Twitter their go-to social media platforms for some time now. Instagram Stories has made it simple for celebrities to distribute information that stimulates interest and anticipation among their followers.

But the recent trend of YouTube channels is changing the way celebrities communicate with their followers. Celebrities may now seem more genuine to their fans by posting unscripted videos to their own YouTube channels. The behind-the-scenes material has given celebrity video content a new depth, making it more relatable than professionally produced material.

In the case of celebrity YouTube channels, it's all about the star's unique character. This necessitates that prominent people leave their comfortable bubbles and give their audience a glimpse of the real world. To many A-listers, this is a calculated risk worth taking, and many have already done so. The boundary between fame and online sway has been muddied by this action. On the other side, it has revitalized the role of brand ambassador.

11. Academic Writings

For those unfamiliar, a "docuseries" is a documentary-style video series that airs in installments. In most cases, docuseries refer to a series of videos that are produced over time. The popularity of such videos is now skyrocketing, and many influential people and independent artists are capitalizing on this trend. Artists like Ariana Grande and Shane Dawson have benefited greatly from this fad.

What ends up happening is that there are a lot of overlaps and themes that go well together in docuseries. Docuseries are often structured as a series of episodes, so after seeing one, viewers will immediately begin searching for the next one. And don't forget to pick up viewers in their streaming spots. It was discovered that in 2020, TV viewers spent much more time using YouTube and YouTube TV than they did in 2019.

12. ASMR Varieties 

Videos eliciting the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) are atypical fare for the video sharing platform. These films are one-of-a-kind works of art created by trained professionals with the express purpose of conveying a particular auditory or visual message. The goal of the videos is to make the viewers feel good and calm them down.

Videos promoting autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) often include activities like whispering, cooking, reading, cosplaying, eating, etc. While ASMR may have begun as a fringe phenomenon, it has recently begun to gain significant traction. People are really getting into the videos in this genre, and the ASMRtists' online network is expanding rapidly.

As an up-and-coming group, ASMRtists have caused quite a stir in the world of influencer marketing. Their videos are unusually expressive for promotional purposes. Thus, this field provides an appealing stage for companies selling products associated with mindfulness, emotional well-being, and therapeutic practices.

13 - YouTube's Search Engine

There has been an increase in the use of video marketing as more and more business owners realise its potential. In fact, according to HubSpot's State of Inbound research, 45% of marketers are allocating more resources to YouTube than any other platform (HubSpot, 2021). With so many other marketers on YouTube, you'll need more than just a good camera and some editing tools to make it.

You need in-depth understanding of YouTube search engine optimization if you want to enhance conversion and ROI from video marketing. In 2019, YouTube will continue its annual tradition of hundreds of updates. In July of this year, for instance, YouTube adjusted its algorithm to prioritise kid-friendly videos. The goal of this update was to reassure parents that YouTube is a kid-friendly platform.

Google has made several adjustments to the YouTube algorithm, and this is only one of them. Keep in mind that YouTube often makes adjustments, and not all of them are made for the better in terms of your video marketing plan. In order for your videos to stand out on YouTube, you'll need to adjust your search engine optimization tactics accordingly. You should be aware that you will have little influence on some of YouTube's most critical metrics. Videos need to adapt to the ever-evolving YouTube ecosystem, but there are several "best practises" that may help.

Modifying the video's title, thumbnail, and description are just a few ways to improve clickthrough rate. Additionally, making videos that are easy to understand, interesting, and helpful will help you retain more viewers. As an added bonus, YouTube favours videos that keep users engaged. Thus, it is crucial to provide compelling material, develop lengthy films, and include interesting end screen components.

14 - From Ugly to Beautiful

Which sector of the cosmetics and skincare market do you operate in? If so, this is a development worth keeping an eye on. Videos of people transforming from ugly to beautiful are becoming more popular on YouTube and other social media sites. All of these videos are examples of "how-to" videos. Given the specific nature of this development, we felt it warranted separate attention.

Artists that make Ugly to Beauty challenge films often have extensive expertise in the cosmetics and skincare industries. The name of these playlists gives away the authors' motivation for posting them on YouTube: to provide assistance, particularly to individuals who are just starting out in the beauty industry. This subset of content is dominating the web, and it's proven to be an effective social media marketing approach for business-to-consumer brands.

15. The Video Game Revolution of 2016

Because of the widespread availability of gaming consoles and personal computer hardware, the gaming industry has seen a surge in popularity. That's why you'll find so many video game streams, commentaries, and walkthroughs on YouTube. As of the third quarter of 2020, there were around 910,000 separate channels on YouTube Gaming Live from all across the globe. However, YouTube is not the most popular website. By the end of 2019, more than 9 billion hours of content will have been broadcast on Twitch. To now, YouTube has only counted 2,681 billion hours of user time. As a matter of fact, it is a distant second.

But YouTube Games is becoming more popular. As a comparison, Twitch grew by 20% before the epidemic hit. Also, YouTube is home to a few of the most popular gaming channels. Listened to by the most people, these are the best gaming channels in 2020.

In the case of PewDiePie, 107 million
There are 38.2 million people in Fernanfloo.
Threeteen million, seven hundred and eighty-seven
The Markiplier count: 27,1,000,000
25.3 million for VanossGaming
Twenty-five point two million for jacksepticeye
The number of Ninjas in the world is 24.15 million.
23.9 million DanTDM
Tom, Who Can Talk: 21.6 Million
It's TheDonato, with 20 million.

As YouTube's user base grows exponentially in the future years, more and more game channels are likely to appear. Additionally, there is a sizable number of potential sponsors and content partners to approach.

Exactly how could you make use of these YouTube fads?

Every day it seems like a new trend has emerged on YouTube. The aforementioned tendencies, however, have been consistently dominant on YouTube for the last several years. No one can predict when exactly a new fad will emerge, but one thing is certain: it will happen. Now is the moment to capitalise on popular YouTube channels.

The marketing industry is rapidly adopting video, and these tendencies are now riding high. Aligning your approach with these developments is crucial if you want to propel your video marketing efforts into the future. The greatest part is that you don't even need a YouTube channel of your own to start benefiting. In order to reach your target demographic, you might form a partnership with well-known celebrities and popular YouTubers. First and foremost, you need to learn about marketing campaign management and use appropriate software solutions to make your marketing efforts more effective.

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