Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms You Must Know

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Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms You Must Know

08/22/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Backlink

Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms You Must Know

If you're looking for the most visited website in the world, it's YouTube. Then it stands to reason that raising your rating might help your situation. Using search engine optimization (SEO), you may raise your YouTube channel's viewership, popularity, and ranking. In this article, we will discuss what YouTube backlinks are and list the top 20 YouTube backlink generators.

If you want more people to find your YouTube video via Google and other search engines, you should encourage other websites to connect to yours. There are a lot of strategies to get backlinks, but one of the easiest is to just provide excellent content.

Youtube Backlinks Generator:-

Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms

1. BackLinkr

In addition to being very effective at what it does, creating backlinks on YouTube is where it really shines. This programme has gotten a lot of praise, and it is used by a lot of trustworthy websites. If you want to step up your link building game, BackLinkr is your best bet.

Google easily crawls and indexes the websites that generate the backlinks. This improves your chances of having a high position in search engine results pages. Read on to learn about the top benefits of the various link building tools.

2. Business 2 Community (B2C)

Articles, case studies, interviews, and white papers are the main types of content published by this organisation. You may add articles to your blog or have it syndicated, or you can utilise the advertising programme to post your white papers and webcasts and reach a wider audience.

Writing for and having your blog posts syndicated on Business 2 Community is the greatest way to get a backlink from that site. Follow their Contributor Guidelines to increase the likelihood that your donation will be approved.

3. BizSugar

BizSugar is a website that allows users to syndicate and share content. The platform here is tailor-made for the SMB sector. In this moderated online space, only the best material is allowed.

Learn what the site has to offer before signing up and diving into sharing and syndication. If you run a small business or are self-employed, you may find the mastermind community for business owners on BizSugar's main website useful. Virtually mingling with other knowledgeable people is always useful and may pave the way for more mutually beneficial partnerships in the road.

4. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is a hub where content creators can find credible experts in their field to cite in their articles, videos, and other online content. The vast majority of MyBlogU's user base would appreciate your work by including the following hyperlink on their sites. It may also be used as a link building tool for your YouTube channel.

Since MyBlogU has such a large user base of motivated people who value results, networking, and mutual support, your entry stands a strong chance of getting approved and displayed on the site.

5. GrowthHackers

Here, growth hackers may syndicate and exchange articles, as well as produce original content that can serve as a discussion starter on the topic of growth.

The best way to get a backlink from GrowthHackers is to join up and participate in the discussions there. Before you start posting your own work, it is wiser and more prudent to provide insightful critique on the work of others.

The potential for advancement is high if you can get involved and create a mark here. Your ability to get backlinks will increase in proportion to your credibility as a poster, as people will be more likely to take your advice if they see you making solid, well-informed arguments.


Opportunities for following backlinks are easy to discover on HARO (Help A Reporter Out), one of the most popular and widely utilised journalistic sites. You may utilise this as a YouTube backlink generator if you take the time to respond to questions with intelligent remarks.

Obtain HARO backlinks by registering as a Source and opting to receive daily email notifications. Each day, choose the inquiries that interest you the most, and answer them through email. It's crucial to choose questions that, if answered positively, will result in a hyperlink to your video on YouTube. When your submission is published, a journalist or blogger will provide a link back to your site.

7. SourceBottle

If bloggers, journalists, and authors contact you, you may get free attention just by replying to their questions. This is a news organisation that functions similarly to HARO. Just like HARO, SourceBottle allows you to sign up to get daily question emails in your inbox.

You may also do a straight web search. Go to Be A Source in the main menu, and then choose "search free PR possibilities by subject" to view the most current postings.

8. w3seo

If you need free YouTube backlinks, go no further than w3seo. As time goes by, reputable websites will begin linking back to yours. Simply put your domain name into the search window and click the "Submit" button.

They understand the significance of quality backlinks and their impact on your rankings. Spam links are one of the most significant elements that might lower your site's authority and rating. W3seo exclusively gives high-quality backlinks, which improves your rankings on Google's first few pages. It's easy to see why this is considered one of the top backlink generators out there.

9. io

This really basic solution can let you create a website that stands on its own. It's great for promoting contests and giveaways and for creating landing pages that are distinct from your main website. This easy-to-use platform makes it possible to do so, as well as to build backlinks from inside the same interface.

10. Tumblr

Although Tumblr is closing down, it is still a great place to build an audience, connect with people, and get nofollow links.

11. LinkedIn

You may reach a large audience with the help of LinkedIn's extensive network if you take use of its Groups feature.

12. Medium

Medium is a well-known publishing platform that can be accessible through major social media sites including Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's a fantastic YouTube backlink generator that allows you to share original material, syndicate existing content, spark conversations, and include links into your writing. If your content is interesting enough, members of the community will follow your link to find out more about you.

13. “Write for Us” Sites

Internet Resources That Invite Contributions
As a guest, you can easily make a post. You use Google to find blogs that publish in your field that are open to guest articles, and then you check to see whether they allow followed backlinks. To refine your search, add a modifier such as "write for us" (a common phrase used in content marketing) to the search term.

Create a shortlist of your preferred guest posting destinations, then reach out to the bloggers directly to provide an idea for original, high-quality material. As long as the site's owner allows it, you may include as many links to other sites as you want. While some bloggers only allow links in their author bios, others allow one or two relevant links each article.

14. SyndicationApp

High-quality backlinks may be obtained in a variety of methods, but there's always a danger they won't be permanent. Quality backlinks may be hard to come by, and paying a lot of money for even a single one can be a huge hassle.

This outstanding YouTube backlink generating tool can be invaluable when aiming for high standards of link building. As an added bonus, the programme is helpful, and some of the backlinks you acquire will originate from authoritative websites.

15. Resource Pages

Websites that aggregate helpful materials on specialised pages may be found by searching with phrases like "helpful resources" or "your speciality." These editorially-crafted, top-notch compilations are a gold mine of potential backlinks. Take use of these outreach techniques for link building to get your link included to the resource pages of websites that seem like a good match for you.

For instance, if you have a website selling medical supplies and you come across a relevant pharma advice website with a resource page for medical items, you may make the request.

16. Quora

On this forum, anybody may pose a question, and anyone can respond. It's a terrific place for YouTube backlink generator since you can establish yourself as a valued resource and let others know where you can be found by including hyperlinks to your website in your comments.

17. SoundCloud

You may either create your own podcast and put hyperlinks in the episode description, or you can choose one that already exists and subscribe to it. Although SoundCloud backlinks need redirects to work, they may still provide a significant amount of qualified visitors to your site.

18. Growth Hub


Formerly known as, Growth Hub is an online forum for discussing and sharing growth-related topics including "growth hacking," "search engine optimization," "content marketing," and "inbound marketing."

You won't gain any instant SEO advantages from this YouTube backlink generator since all of the in-post backlinks are no-follow, but you will get a lot of highly focused visitors.

19. SocialSpark


Social Spark enables bloggers to easily include links to the business via the use of tags. There is also a disclaimer about the Federal Trade Commission and nofollowed links. As a consequence, both you (the business) and the blogger may feel secure in your relationship with Google while reaping the benefits of tremendous exposure and clicks.

If you want your product or service promoted on relevant blogs and social media platforms, then you need to use Social Spark.

20. Really Cool Blog Comments

Blog comments are hardly cutting-edge when it comes to SEO tactics, but they once reliably provided followed backlinks. Nonetheless, it is always great to increase one's authority and participation, since this results in additional opportunities for connections and commercial interactions.

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