What Makes a Great Website?

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What Makes a Great Website?

12/16/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tools

What Makes a Great Website?

Having a website is essential for every savvy company owner nowadays. It's almost hard for a firm to survive without one. However, you can't just use any old website.

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For something so important to your business's success, you need to invest in the time and effort to make your website exceptional. For non-designers, it's easy to overlook the influence that site design has on users.

Site design "excellent" may seem to be a matter of personal opinion, but the aspects that truly make people consider a website well designed are agreed upon by the general public.

In order to create a more successful website design, there are a number of essential components. If you want to enhance your company's exposure online, have a look at the following list.


It's been a few years since the primary focus was how a website looked on a desktop. In order to reach the majority of your audience, you must design a mobile-friendly website that works well on a variety of devices.

If anything, you'll want to target mobile consumers even more because almost half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. As of this writing, Google is implementing a mobile-first indexing strategy. All websites nowadays should be mobile-friendly as well as the classic desktop layout," SEO Manager Daniel Foley of Considered Content said. The majority of your website's visits will come from mobile devices."

(Beginning with Mobile)

Using a mobile device to see a website that wasn't designed for it may be a real hassle. Creating a mobile-friendly website isn't as difficult as you would think, so there's no excuse not to do so. According to ReeferLocal.com owner Kris Jones, "mobile-first indexing and user choice must mandate a fair expenditure in establishing a mobile-friendly website."

WordPress and other platform themes now come with responsive web design, so it doesn't need a lot of effort to guarantee that your website appears good from any device.. Regardless of the device's screen size, your website will automatically change to fit the screen.

2. Fast Loading

Having a website that loads quickly is critical to its success, and web design plays a major influence in this. Having a nice site doesn't mean it's as effective as you believe if the loading time is too long.

We've become used to receiving information as fast as we want it thanks to advances in technology. Almost half of your visitors will leave if your site takes more than three seconds to load.

Page speed is one of the most important online metrics.

It's a tremendous error not to make the necessary investments in order to have a fast-loading website. If a website doesn't load as quickly as it should, there are a number of factors that might be at play.

Many of the decisions you make when building a website will have an influence on how fast it loads, which is why you need a professional to help you.

 Clearly Defined Objective

If a website's design doesn't accurately represent its goal, you may wonder why it exists. Zoewebs Sdn. Bhd. CEO and web developer YY Lee informed us that "designing with purpose" is essential.

Ideally, visitors to your website should be able to get a sense of what your business is all about simply by glancing at it. When it comes to your website, you don't want visitors to spend hours trying to figure out what you're selling.

The goal of your website is to accomplish what exactly? It's an important one that has to be addressed.

It's up to you: Is your web site's primary objective to give information or to sell products? Maybe you want your site to provide amusing material for everyone who comes to it.

Web design and the purpose of a website may be more flexible in certain sectors than in others, but you can always find something that best represents the vision and objectives of your organization.


A website isn't designed to be visited endlessly by a single group of people. However, if your website does not have clear navigation, consumers may not be able to go any farther.

ChilliFruit's Milosz agreed that an easy-to-navigate site would keep visitors there for a longer period of time. Users that have trouble navigating your site will most likely give up in frustration and look for another option. "Always keep an eye on your site to ensure that it is free of bugs and that the navigation is clear and easy to understand."

Users can easily find their way through a well-designed website. There may be a lot of material on your website that draws in visitors, but they won't be aware if the navigation is poor.

Navigation should be as easy as feasible in order to prevent consumers from becoming confused. Use a horizontal menu across the top of your site or a hamburger menu in the upper left corner of your mobile site to keep your navigation simple.

In addition to a menu, your website's content should provide clear navigation. Including internal links inside a piece of material makes it easier for readers to find other useful resources.

Visual Hierarchy

What are the most crucial aspects of your website? Your site design might be failing you if you don't realize this.

If your site's material is important to you, you can be confident that all of it is important to users, but this is not always the case for all of your content. The way in which your website's pages are read will be influenced by the design choices you make. Use the power you have over how people see your content to get the most out of it.

A website's most critical information needs to have a prominent place in view. Make a list of the most crucial pieces of information that users should be aware of, and then go to work on getting that information in front of them quickly. Design elements like font size, underlined text, and visuals may serve as effective tools for drawing attention to key points within a piece of material.

Even the placement of content on a page may have a significant influence.

Branding is the sixth step.

You own your website. There has to be a lot of attention paid to branding since it represents your firm. In the end, it doesn't matter how well-designed your website is if no one who visits it remembers anything about you or your business.

Having a high-quality website and doing everything perfectly is what you want people to remember about you. Customers should be able to take something away from the experience that represents the brand visually.

Any time a company appears in front of an audience, it is critical that its branding be perfected. Your logo and mission statement should be prominently displayed on your website in addition to your company name. Using your company's brand colors as a starting point for a color scheme on your website will make it much easier to reach your intended audience.

Simplicity is the seventh point on the list.

Online design is crucial, but it isn't the main consideration for most web users.

In order to draw in new visitors, a website's material must be both interesting and useful. If your website's popularity is only due to its eye-catching design, people may find it difficult to concentrate on the information that matters most. In order to convert visitors into leads and customers, you need a well-designed website that grabs their attention and keeps it.

Even if it might be a challenge to get it properly, simple web design is frequently the best option. Make sure to remember that basically does not mean dull.

A skilled web designer can help you get the look you desire for your site without making it too overpowering. " Conscious design decisions may help you build distinctive and powerful web designs that don't detract from the content.

Be mindful of things like legible typefaces, the use of white space, and not going overboard with the use of color while creating your design.

Redesign your Website to a New Level

Designing a website involves much more than just making it seem appealing. To be a successful web designer, you must have a thorough knowledge of the needs of your target audience and the influence that web design has on their decisions and behaviors.

Find out what style of web design has the biggest influence on consumers, or engage with an expert design firm to take your website to the next level A good partner will be able to take all the data you have about your intended audience and integrate it into your site.

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