Using Images to Build Backlinks: 8 Surefire Methods

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Using Images to Build Backlinks: 8 Surefire Methods

02/18/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Backlink

Using Images to Build Backlinks: 8 Surefire Methods

What comes to mind when you hear "link building"? Probably guest articles and content marketing.

Words are a powerful thing.

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However, too few content marketers are aware of the importance of using pictures and graphics to develop backlinks.

Sure, many have used Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit to publicize their images—and all of these are excellent venues to employ for that purpose..

However, these methods are quite simple, and their outcomes are limited.

As an alternative, here are seven more complex methods for building high-quality backlinks using photos.

The sharing of images

When it comes to spreading the word, social media has taught us one thing: the significance of doing so. By enabling your photographs to be shared through social media, you can take advantage of this social behavior.

Let's say you run a tea-commerce website and are trying to offer a wide variety of teas. It is possible to find images of tea brewing and processing, as well as images from tea plantations. Many fitness, health, and wellness websites are now searching for high-quality free photos. You may ask for backlinks in exchange for photographs from your archive.

Bookmarking of images

Among the various image-sharing services that enable you to market your shareable photographs are Fotolog, Zoto, ibibo, and Scrapblog. In exchange, you'll earn a lot of high-quality backlinks. Many times, I've utilized DeviantArt to locate a suitable image. All you have to do is link back to the picture owner's website to use these free photos.

Graphs and charts are also useful.

eMarketer is one of the best instances of link-building using data visualisation. eMarketer has a simple but successful strategy: do excellent research and make simple charts with their brand colours, black and red, which is laudable because every time you see their chart, you know it's from eMarketer. It is common practice to cite and link to other people's statistics while creating blog posts and graphics. See how Google's Reverse Image Search helped me uncover that?

Infographics are a fourth option.

Let us now turn our attention to infographics.

There are a lot of firms submitting their infographics to infographic directories. You should submit your infographics to these directories since they have a PR of 6 or even 7 ( OnlyInfographic is being used to build backlinks for

Additionally, you may contact webmasters of websites where your infographic might be featured directly and inform them of your plans for doing so.

Honors and Recognitions

For blogs that provide awards, diplomas, and custom badges to other bloggers in their field, this is a fantastic way.

What if you own a travel website that offers the greatest rates on hotels, airlines, and other travel-related services? Your personalized badges for Best Blog Posts, Best Travel Knowledge, and Best Backpacker are a great way to recognize the best travel bloggers. Your website partners, dealers, and guest bloggers may all use this strategy.


Those of you who thought memes were just another passing trend should eat your words. To this day, memes remain as popular as ever. The internet is full of memes about everything and everything.

The problem is that a lot of people are losing out on a great chance. As there is a lack of information regarding the publication rights of memes, the memes are widely utilized without acknowledgment. As a result, by doing some research on Google to see who else is making use of your memes, you may create connections to your website that will generate a surprising amount of backlinks.

Illustrations and Instructions for Use

No matter what the subject or specialty, I believe every website should include a few how-tos and examples.

What is the best way to locate the cheapest flights?
What's the best way to prepare an apple pie?
In only five easy actions, you can wow your gorgeous date.
Hopefully, you've got the idea.

Tutorials and graphics are not only useful for sharing, but they are also more likely to be cited by other blogs. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to avoid overdoing the time-sensitive postings like "How to Make Money in 2019," "How to Invest in 2019," etc.

An example of a blog post that wasn't evergreen but made effective use of its transitory nature is this:

However, have a look at this article to see how well they've used time. This headline will entice a large number of marketers and SEO professionals, who will mistakenly believe that there will be anything fresh to learn about link building in 2016.

Guest Posts

There are several photographs in almost every guest post that we publish. These photos are commonly taken from the internet and used to make memes, charts, and other types of content. That's how we dress up our comments.

See, for example, how I cleverly included a picture from our blog into this post and linked to one of our posts. It's a terrific technique to get past the regulations of certain blogs that are quite stringent about linking, but they'll gladly take photographs.

Using Images to Build Backlinks - Final Thoughts
The purpose of images is not to adorn your blog or website. Because of their intrinsic shareability, they have a great ability to become viral. Make sure you're getting the most out of your photographs.

Every piece of content collateral, whether it is text, cartoons, memes, or landscape photos, may be used for link building by a savvy marketer. If you haven't already, get on it.

It seems that you don't have any high-quality photos.

With the advent of so many image-creating tools in 2019, we can now generate practically any form of a picture, including memes, infographics (including charts), GIFs (including animated gifs), and cinematic videos.

Using these tools, you can produce amazing visual material, and if you do, people will use them liberally. Wait and see!

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