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    SEO 2022's Top 100 PR-Rich Press Release Sites

    05/14/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo (search engine optimization)

    SEO 2022's Top 100 PR-Rich Press Release Sites

    Backlinks to the website might be generated via a press release. The news release gets a lot of attention from the search engine. To put it another way, when a corporation adds new services or new products and wants to publicise it. The press release is the greatest method for establishing a high-quality position in the marketplace. In essence, a press release is a tool for informing the public about your business, its goods and services, and its website. Press releases not only go out to their intended recipients, but also search engines.
    The press release should be optimised for search engines in order to reach a wider audience. You should include links to your most important web sites in your press release. The news spreads over the internet when you send out a press release via a news wire. Individuals who have read the news, as well as the news organisations themselves, may post it to their social media profiles. Having a strong set of backlinks (with your selected anchor text) to your site is as simple as this. As a result, these links act as a signal to the main search engines, which in turn increases your website's visibility in the search results.

    Press Releases have several advantages.

    When you write a press release, you'll get the following advantages.

    • Using it as a marketing tool is appropriate.
    • It gives your website and company a chance to get seen.
    • New people will be introduced to your website or product as a result.
    • In the eyes of search engine "spiders," it might improve your website's visibility.
    • Backlinks from other websites will rise as a result of your efforts.
    • It will help search engines find you.
    • It will help you climb the search engine results page (SERP).
    • Press releases for SEO may be done even if your company cannot afford large marketing initiatives.

    A list of the best high-quality press release websites for search engine optimization.

    Top 100 High PR Press Release Sites List For SEO by page rank, you may utilise these sites to advertise freshly produced products/services and websites.

    Press Release Sites Page Rank
    npr.org 8
    prnewswire.com 8
    businesswire.com 7
    calameo.com 7
    clioawards.com 7
    newslink.org/ 7
    newsvine.com 7
    newswire.ca 7
    prweb.com 7
    thomasnet.com 7
    absolutearts.com 6
    betanews.com 6
    directionsmag.com 6
    discogs.com 6
    elecdir.com 6
    keysnews.com 6
    lxer.com 6
    mediapost.com 6
    nanotech-now.com 6
    news.thomasnet.com 6
    pr.com 6
    pr-inside.com 6
    prleap.com 6
    prlog.org 6
    slashgeo.org 6
    sulia.com 6
    tmcnet.com 6
    24-7pressrelease.com 5
    afreego.com/ 5
    aspendailynews.com 5
    bizeurope.com 5
    businessportal24.com 5
    cgidir.com 5
    daily-chronicle.com 5
    ereleases.com 5
    filecluster.com 5
    indiaprwire.com 5
    i-newswire.com 5
    isnare.com 5
    merinews.com 5
    newsbox.com 5
    newswiretoday.com 5
    onlineprnews.com 5
    onlineprnews.com 5
    pitchengine.com 5
    pressbox.co.uk 5
    pressreleaser.org/ 5
    socialmediaportal.com 5
    softarea51.com 5
    webknowhow.net 5
    xpatloop.com 5
    1888pressrelease.com 4
    amazines.com 4
    artikel-presse.de 4
    audiodirectory.nl 4
    bignews.biz 4
    briefingwire.com 4
    bubblews.com 4
    clickpress.com 4
    dbusiness.com 4
    digitalmediaonlineinc.com 4
    emailwire.com 4
    enewswire.co.uk 4
    free-press-release.com 4
    groupweb.com 4
    gulfcoastnewstoday.com 4
    lacartes.com 4
    myprgenie.com 4
    news-antique.com 4
    openpr.com 4
    powerhomebiz.net 4
    pressking.com 4
    pressreleasepoint.com 4
    pressreleasepoint.com/ 4
    prfire.co.uk 4
    pr-gb.com 4
    przoom.com 4
    theopenpress.com 4
    transworldnews.com 4
    travpr.com 4
    webnewswire.com 4
    xpresspress.com 4
    business.wesrch.com 3
    freepressindex.com 3
    free-press-release-center.info 3
    freepressreleases.co.uk 3
    gotomymembers.com 3
    marketpressrelease.com 3
    mediasyndicate.com/ 3
    newdesignworld.com 3
    pr4links.com 3
    pr9.net 3
    pressabout.com 3
    pressexposure.com 3
    press-network.com 3
    prsync.com/ 3
    prurgent.com/ 3
    release-news.com/ 3
    scoopasia.com 3
    submitpressrelease123.com 3

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