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  • These 5 Negative SEO Techniques Will Destroy Your Online Reputation

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    These 5 Negative SEO Techniques Will Destroy Your Online Reputation

    12/08/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

    These 5 Negative SEO Techniques Will Destroy Your Online Reputation

    As a result of ignorance or a desire to manipulate the system, webmasters continue to use improper SEO practises on a regular basis today. Their internet presence and search engine rankings are being sabotaged by such shoddy SEO practises. These sleazy strategies are likely to be used by those who are unaware of current SEO guidelines and ethical practises.

    A lot of work goes into optimising your website for search engines. To be successful, you must have up-to-date knowledge, especially in light of the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving. These are some of the terrible SEO techniques that might possibly frighten away users and search bots from your website and put your online presence in peril, therefore we wanted to offer you a heads-up about them.

    As part of our "What to Do" sections, we've also included some SEO-related advice to assist you get in the correct lane for your business. Continue reading!

    Hiding the keywords and links

    If you conceal terms in order to manipulate search engines, you're doing yourself a disservice.

    It's as simple as this:

    They insert a lot of keywords at the end of a page or blog post in the same colour as the page background so that the keywords are not visible to human readers but are picked up by search engine spiders. You should avoid it at all costs!

    To avoid the appearance of excessive whitespace on the screen, those who employ this technique make sure to use a font size that is as tiny as possible. Some webmasters, on the other hand, go so far as to hide links on their site.

    When it comes to concealing text or links, this is what Google says:

    There is no such thing as a foolproof method of hiding your SEO keywords and links, because Google's algo engines are so clever. Punishment is inevitable in such instances

    What's Next?

    Don't ruin your internet presence by burying your text and links. The search engines aren't going to be happy. This is because search engines will punish your site if you choose to conceal keywords on any page of your website, which is what we'll discuss in our following point.

    Here are some tips on how to include keywords into your content:. In addition, adhering to Google's link rules is critical.


    Suppose that in practise #1 above, you had a degree of respect for people and did not want to reveal the secret keywords in order to avoid arousing their suspicion. You're no longer afraid of anyone and believe that you can stuff your article full of keywords. The title, description tags, meta tags, and content body all work well with this tool.

    The term "keyword stuffing" refers to this behaviour, and it is a bad and outmoded SEO tactic.

    Not only will your online reputation and authority fall flat, but readers will shun your website and search engines like Google will penalise you significantly for it either by decreasing your ranks or by completely eliminating your websites.

    What's Next?

    Add keywords to your material, but do it in a natural way (i.e, let them come in organically). Your material doesn't need to be littered with dozens of the identical terms. To modify the system is not necessitated. Instead of overusing one key term, you might use synonyms of that word or its LSI keywords equivalents.

    Also, our free world-class keyword recommendation tool may help you find the most relevant terms.


    Search engines adore new material, and we all know that. As a non-Googler who doesn't care about fresh stuff, of course. Wrong!

    When it comes to SEO, new material is a must. Google loves your site because you're continuously giving them material to present to searchers, which gives you an advantage over your competitors.

    However, most webmasters are unaware of this fact.

    What's Next?

    The primary goal of search engines is to deliver the most relevant results to users depending on their search queries. Increased authority in the eyes of your customers is a result of publishing more excellent content that fits their wants.

    As seen by our blog, we continue to provide new information despite the fact that we now have hundreds of blog articles.

    Look at the most popular blogs online, and you'll see that they all do the same thing. That's because they know that new material is essential to a successful online presence. Make a point of doing the same.

    It's also important to bear in mind that "fresh material" isn't only about how recently it was written or published. Content with new meaning and the facts behind it is what constitutes fresh content. Your previous material should not only be updated for the new dates but also for the new data points.

    For this reason don't try to make old postings look new by altering the dates on them. If you have to update old material, make sure you add anything new to it.


    "Clapping" in the context of search engine optimization refers to the process of changing the content of a web page so that it seems different from what a user sees.

    For example, the hosting website can send content based on IP addresses or user-agent HTTP headers of users or search engines that request the source page. Cloaking is feasible. In the past, this was a frequent practise, but it is no more. In today's world, it's a poor idea to employ such a strategy. In other words, it's a punished SEO tactic in quick order.

    Why? It's up to Google to answer their own question:

    What's Next?

    Only one version of a webpage should be kept up at any given time, so that search engine spiders and human visitors may both access it. In addition, make sure that people can tell the difference between the content of your website and the advertisements.
    Search engines may have trouble accessing your website if it uses a variety of technologies. JavaScript and Flash are two examples of these technologies. See Google's advice on how to make such a webpage's contents searchable and usable to the public without cloaking.

    All SEO Tool Free.com also has a cloaking checker that you can use to ensure that your website does not get punished by Google.

    Cloaking is a hacker method that makes it more difficult for the website owner to notice a hack. Here are Google's guidelines for repairing compromised websites without affecting your search engine results.


    It's not difficult to take material from a cloaked object if you're not familiar with the process. It's as simple as copying and pasting text from other websites into your own. But the end effect is always the same: Punishment from Google's fluffy pandas and penguins is certain.

    What's Next?

    It's a simple rule: don't copy stuff from other websites without permission. Use our plagiarism checker to confirm that your work is original before you begin writing.

    Quality content is one of the three most important aspects for a website's ranking in search results, according to Google's own guidelines.

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