Make Interactive Video Marketing Fun for the Next Generation

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Make Interactive Video Marketing Fun for the Next Generation

02/26/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo (search engine optimization)

Make Interactive Video Marketing Fun for the Next Generation

It's better to "Tell me and I'll forget, demonstrate and I may remember, and include me, and I'll comprehend."

a Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin

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Bret Wallace, author.

If you believe Benjamin Franklin was a forward-thinking gentleman, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example than today's young people.

Breaking through the noise and getting your message through to Generation Z is more difficult than ever, particularly to a generation that wants new content that works across the media spectrum to be available.

Gen Z, individuals who were born between the years of the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, are in the midst of their formative years, which necessitates the creation of engaging content that will engage them and elicit a favourable reaction.

Beyond the Web,
It's not like we don't have video on our website, emails, and social media accounts already, you say. Even if it's a crucial part of your marketing strategy, it's not enough for Gen Zers.

Millennials have a great ambition to alter the world, whereas Gen Zers intend to be the change leaders of the globe. They will swiftly switch to the next alternative if your messaging does not express how you can assist them in becoming those change leaders.

First Generation Gen Zers demand responses to their questions in seconds, not weeks, days, or even minutes. It's become common knowledge that you just have 8 seconds to pique the interest of a Gen Z before they move on to something else. Additionally, they want high-quality output that works regardless of whether they are using their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computer.

As a result, Gen Z is more inclined to join organisations that provide them this level of control over their path to the answer.

Engage in Conversation
Interactive video is the best approach to capture the attention of this audience and give them back control. For your Gen Z audience, you can't just sit back and give them the whole tale; they want to be in charge of the narrative and decide where it goes.

You may engage your audience in a variety of ways using interactive video:

If you want to go all out with your interactive film, you may include an interactive map to let viewers see regions of particular interest to them, allowing them to take control of the tour.

Even a chat bot may be questioned using popup boxes without of ever having to leave the video stream.

In a single click, your website visitors may get more information about your business, get a white paper, apply online, contact you directly, or buy your goods.

The more ways your visitors may engage with your videos, the more time they will spend on your website and learning about your content. To further appeal to Generation Z, you'll also be fostering a feeling of community with your website visitors.

Your message design, production methods, and interactive delivery must all work together to target today's most tech-savvy generation.

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