Interview Questions and Answers for Web Design

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Interview Questions and Answers for Web Design

05/14/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Interview question and answer

Interview Questions and Answers for Web Design

Find Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers on this site. If so, I've produced a list of the most often asked TOP 15 Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers. Which may be useful in the course of an interview. It's simple and fun to study web design from prominent sites like w3school or youtube, but the most crucial step is getting a job with a firm after completing the interview process. Nobody can stop you from becoming a Web Design Expert if you can pass the interview. As a result, I've compiled a list of some of the most relevant Web Designing Interview Questions for your review.

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Question: How are external stylesheets used? What is the best way to do this?

HTML pages may be connected to one other using external style sheets, which are templates/documents/files that include style and appearance information. The Connect tag in the HEAD element may be used to link to a specific file document. It's important that files containing style information have the appropriate suffix. Style.css, for example. The following is the correct syntax for utilising an external style sheet to connect a file:

<head><link rel =stylesheet href=”style.css” type=”text/css”></head>

Question: What does "Responsive design" imply for a web page?

The use of responsive design while creating websites ensures that users have the best possible viewing and interaction experiences on all devices. It aims to make the site's navigation as simple as possible on all platforms, with the least amount of scrolling, panning, and resizing required.

When it comes to creating responsive web design, Bootstrap is the framework of choice.

Question: Is CSS case sensitive?

No, CSS is not case-sensitive at all. Aside from document markup language, CSS is case insensitive in much of its control.

Question:  When you mention a "CSS File," what exactly do you mean? What's the point of having it?

Font styles, font sizes, and website colour combinations are all controlled and managed by CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. A single CSS file is often used by all pages on a website in order to maintain a consistent "look and feel." Most often, the CSS file resides in a different folder from the website's main file, and each time a new page loads, the browser asks for the CSS file. In order to make global appearance changes, CSS files make it simple to make a single modification in a CSS file, which will affect all sites that use that file.

Question: What are the steps involved in making a picture the backdrop of a web page?

A backdrop picture may be created by using the following code.

<body background= “background”>


Question: How can I create a website where a visitor may send me an email by merely clicking on text that has a subject?

Using the mailto command in an AHREF link element shown below, we may implement this technique:

<a href mailto:"[email protected]?subject=subject line"> click here to mail me</a>


Question: How can I make my page's text scroll?

Keep in mind that scrolling text isn't supported by all web browsers. However, in order to do so, add a tag like the one shown below.

<marquee>A scrolling text created with HTML Marquee element.</marquee>


Question:How may images be arranged such that they are stacked one on top of the other?

In the image src element, by employing the align statement.

<img src="example.gif" align="bottom" />.


Align can also be modified as align=top, align=middle, align=centre etc.

Question: What color would you pick for the "delete" button if you were a website specialist?

This is especially important when you have two catches near to one other and want to make the delete link/button stand out. Red is a signal of urgency, with the objective of attracting the attention of the customer.

Question: HTML tags and elements are distinct from one another.

HTML components allow you to communicate with a browser about how to display the content of your page. HTML tags are what they're called when they're enclosed in the angular brackets >. It's common for modules to come assets, with texts included.

Question: What is the usage of CSS float in CSS?

Your page's components will be wrapped around an object that is floated in the right or left corner of the page.

Question: What's the difference between a bulleted list and a numbered one?

It's the ul tag that's used for "unordered," whereas ol is used for "ordered" data.

Question:What is the best way to include a CSS file into a webpage?

It's necessary to use the "Link" attribute to link a CSS file to any number of HTML files.

<head><link href= "file_path/filename.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"></head>

Question: What is the most obvious evidence that your website is experiencing problems, such as not responding properly?

In desktop or mobile displays, the horizontal bar is the most obvious evidence that a site has responsive errors and will be the cause for failing a check or evaluating each device independently.

Question:What is a Grid system, and how does it work?

It is a framework with intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that may be used to organise material in a way that makes sense. Designers may deal with the organisation and presentation of material using this method. Pre-made frameworks for web design are usually recommended for novices since they are simple to utilise.

Question:Is there a limit to the number of "position" values?

The "position" element may be used to determine the kind of positioning used on the websites. Static, relative, fixed, inherit, and absolute are only a few examples.

Question:In HTML5, what new media components have been introduced? Is HTML able to make advantage of canvas?

The new media components include:

<audio>, <video>, <source>, <track>, <canvas>



Question: What is the purpose of the NaN function?

If the argument is not a number, return 'true.'

Question: What is the doctype?

It's a command to the software that tells it what to do with the HTML archive and how to display it in the browser.

Question: Does the width of the device affect the font size on the site?

In fact, this is true since desktop displays tend to be larger than mobile phone screens. The designer must take into account the fact that mobile displays are much closer to the user's face than a laptop or desktop screen. As a result, it is recommended to utilise lower font sizes on mobile devices.

Question: What is a prompt box?

When a prompt box appears on the screen, the user may type in the information they need. A text box is used to do this. Prompt boxes may additionally include an OK or CANCEL button to continue with the input provided so that the activity can be completed.

Question: What is the difference between the current version of HTML and the HTML5 standard?

In addition to basic HTML, HTML5 offers additional features such as placeholder, video and audio changes, canvas, 2d and 3d pictures, a date select function and even a local SQL database.. Plugins like Flash players and other third-party libraries might be reduced as a result.

Question: Is WebSQL a part of HTML 5's specifics or not?

Not at all, despite the fact that a large number of people refer to it as HTML 5. It is built on top of SQLite.

Question: How do HTML elements and tags vary fundamentally?

In contrast to tags, HTML components are used to communicate with the website about how to display the content. The HTML tags are included inside the > element. The use of tags is most common when they are used in pairs to indicate the location of content inside another document.

Question: What is the best way to scale a route on a mobile device?

Many options are available in Mobile Screens, such as hiding the desktop menu and using selectable navigation, or the well-known application sidebar style menu that is clearing a way into new sites.

Question: It's possible that the link or picture isn't appearing properly.

Missing quotes, tags, brackets, or src text might cause hyperlinks and images to appear incorrectly.

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