How To Get Your Brand Trending On Twitter?

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How To Get Your Brand Trending On Twitter?

08/18/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Trending

Just what are the secrets to making your brand a Twitter sensation?

When it comes to swaying the people, Twitter has dug in its heels. Twitter is a must-have for all companies, from the national names to the mom-and-pop shops.

However, unlike on other social media platforms, trending on Twitter requires unique strategies and techniques. Twitter is the best place to get short-lived amusement, from snappy bios to concise messages with well placed hashtags.

Twitter Trends - Worldwide

Since its inception in March 2006, it has grown to become one of the most popular social networking sites.

Brands are tweeting nonstop to get on Twitter's trending topics lists. We've got your back if you're still concerned about your Twitter prospects in 2022. Here are eight tried-and-true methods guaranteed to wow the select committee and earn a spot on the final roster.

Eight Strategies to Make Your Brand a Twitter Hit

1. Make your brand's debut in a way that is welcoming and engaging for all audiences.

Your bio is the first step in making a good first impression. Make sure that your Twitter bio is clear and short while yet providing all of the relevant details about your company.

Accurate information about your company and its offerings is essential. Including a link to your website in your bio is also highly recommended.

Here are a handful of the most stunning Twitter profiles, as compiled by HubSpot.

Youtube Backlinks Generator:-

Tweeted by @Uberfacts: The most irrelevant information you'll never need.
@FranksRedHot: This s#!t gets placed on everything. Like Twitter.
Official #popchips account: @popchips Twitter. As if it were our duty to eat and tweet (which it is).

Youtube Trends

Examining a Real-World Example

People respond more strongly to visuals than they do to words. Instead than just tweeting text, try including visuals like photos, movies, and GIFs onto your Twitter profile.

Let's take a deeper dive into the most talked about brand on Twitter: Starbucks!

The coffee chain Starbucks is often cited as an example of a successful company that has used Twitter to build its reputation and attract new customers. There is a lot of thinking that goes into their responses, and they often come up with clever and original ideas.

They use a variety of tactics to keep their Twitter feed fresh, one of which is the frequent retweeting of posts from other accounts. Starbucks has gone above and beyond the retweeting trend to further communicate with its customers.

To better address customer concerns, they have set up a special Twitter handle (@StarbucksCare) for this purpose. All comments are read and tweeted responded to as soon as possible by the brand's representatives.

Google Trends

2. Use Twitter, Twitter, and Twitter some more

The only way to maintain an active presence on Twitter is to constantly tweet about your business. A company that doesn't reach out to its audience and isn't active on social media will quickly lose its following. Using Twitter, you may confidently reach out to a certain demographic.
However, relying just on tweets is insufficient. It's important to talk to the individuals who follow you and see your tweets. Always remember to thank those who liked or replied to your tweets, and try to strike up a dialogue with them if possible.

In exchange, you'll be able to attract a regular supply of new fans. You may get more out of Twitter by following people in your field or one closely linked to it. Sharing their tweets can help you get followers, too.

3. the hashtag is your ticket to fame.

Using hashtags is essential for any kind of online advertising or promotion. A simple strategy for attracting new Twitter followers is to make use of popular hashtags. Your only job is to keep an eye out for popular subjects on Twitter and add to the conversation from your brand's vantage point.

Create some parallels between hot Twitter topics and the material representing your brand. As a result, more people who use such hashtags will be exposed to your business in their search results.

One thing to remember when creating a Twitter marketing strategy is to not overuse hashtags. Using only one or two hashtags may increase interaction by as much as 21%. Using more than two hashtags, however, might lead to a 17% decrease in interaction.
Let's take a look at the successful ads that Red Bull ran by studying how they implemented the use of hashtags.

Examining a Real-World Example

Red Bull is one of the businesses that has effectively used hashtags. They developed a trend around their company instead of just utilising hashtags to gain attention to their Twitter page.

One Twitter user started the trend by posting a photo of himself with a Red Bull in one hand and a Mini Cooper advertising vehicle in the backdrop. As a result, it seemed as if the brand had developed its own vehicle.
Several months later, Twitter was flooded with photographs of individuals holding Red Bull cans in interesting ways to take photos. The hashtag #PutACanOnIt was used in more than 10,000 posts, all of which included photographs.

The hashtag #PutACanOnIt was one of the most popular of 2014. Almost all of the campaign's momentum came from actual users, making it 100% organic.

4 Using Twitter to Plan an Event

Twitter is used extensively by businesses for advertising and event promotion. In order to generate sufficient interest in your event, you should use Twitter. Organize your event with the help of some unique hashtags. Get the ball rolling with their use far before the commencement of your event to generate excitement and publicity. Using these hashtags will help to build momentum for your event and may be used by your staff, participants, and sponsors.

Be sure to include the location of your events by adding a geotag. A greater number of people will attend your event as a result of this. Additionally, geotagging might assist in focusing on a certain area to attract more attention from residents of that town or city.

Examining a Real-World Example

The diaper company Luvs developed an ad campaign dubbed "sleep utility cars." Its purpose was to introduce more people to the brand in the Brooklyn area.

For those without transportation who were having trouble calming their fussing infants, the company provided a free taxi service. They could get a free lift so they could rock their baby to sleep by tweeting to @Luvs with the hashtag #LullabyLift. They used a private jet to get their infants to sleep. Following that, they were given a package of Luvs diapers, which promote a peaceful night's rest for newborns.

5. Utilizing Targeting Resources

The real challenge for most social media users and advertisers is not targeting, but targeting the proper individuals. Kissmetrics suggests segmenting your audience into industry influencers, amplifiers, and your target audience.

Brands depend not just on the target audience, but also on prominent individuals to spread their message. But the challenge is, identifying the proper influencers.

Luckily, there is a plethora of resources to help you network effectively and maintain your influential relationships. Moz's free tool Follower wonk is one option for locating influential Twitter users in your niche by filtering for keywords and specifying a user's location.

A further free Twitter app, Demographics Pro App, quickly evaluates the influencer's audience to see whether they are a good fit for your company. Follower demographics including age, income, occupation, and location may be shown here as well.

Then, there's TweeTap, a simple app that let you connect with anybody on Twitter right away. We provide keyword research and brand mention tracking. The search function allows you to look for data on any topic. For instance, if you're looking for influencers, TweeTap will compile all tweets that used the term "influencers" in the preceding week and provide a comprehensive analysis of how often it was used.

Examining a Real-World Example

Watches with leather or stainless steel bands are produced by MVMT Watches (@mvmt). Using Twitter, it keeps its audience in the loop and distributes user-made content. It also provides Twitter support in case any clients have queries. Marketers should expect a positive return on their investment (ROI) from producing and distributing content that is valuable to their target audience, is shared on Twitter, and is otherwise well received.
They worked with 3Q Digital (@3QDigital) to launch a Twitter conversion campaign in anticipation of the Christmas shopping season.

Men between the ages of 18 and 34 were MVMT Watches' primary demographic focus in the United States and other major countries including the United Kingdom and Australia.

Positive outcomes were achieved. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, sales increased by 353% and website traffic increased by 189% compared to the daily average for the remainder of Q4.

6. Tempt influential people with low prices and exclusive offers.

Keeping your follower count on Twitter higher than the number of accounts you follow is essential if you want to give off the impression that your company is credible and deserving of additional followers. It's also a good idea to stay up with the latest developments in your field by following influential figures in the field.

If you want to succeed with Twitter, you need to reach out to more than just your consumers and ideal demographic.

Tweets from influential users may have more of an effect if you target them. You might attempt to win them over by providing attractive discounts and promotions. Because of this, they will have more room to advertise you by holding intriguing competitions.

Users' immediate praise is a major benefit of such campaigns. Having a contest where the prize is awarded to the first 100 individuals who retweet something is a great approach to get people excited and interested in what you have to offer. There will be more participation if you hold them. Quick polls and quizzes are more convenient for people to take and will yield more replies.

All of these suggestions will assist you in gaining the attention of the influencers you want. Use tags and mentions to draw attention to the posts of others. It's crucial, in particular when taking part in a subject or event that's currently popular.

Examining a Real-World Example

Twitter has been used by a number of successful businesses to significantly increase customer interaction. In 2013, LG, a consumer electronics company, among others, aimed to increase sales of its smartphones. People aged 16 to 24 were specifically targeted. A pair of concert tickets were up for grabs for whomever could locate the new UK booth quickest.
However, using the hashtag #LGTicketHunter was required in order to have the location's web map be enlarged. On day one, the campaign attracted 5,000 tweets. As a result of the overwhelming reaction to this campaign, LG was able to increase smartphone sales within its target demographic by a factor of four.

7. The growing significance of Twitter lists

There are millions of active Twitter users, making it difficult to keep up with the conversations you care about on your feed. If you're having trouble finding your way around Twitter, too, making use of Twitter lists is a must.

A list is a hand-selected collection of users on Twitter. You have the option of making your own lists or subscribing to the lists of others. When you check out a timeline arranged by lists, you'll see a continuous stream of tweets from only the selected accounts.
The most powerful but underused aspect of Twitter is undoubtedly its lists. Many Twitter users are unaware of its presence or how to best use it into their marketing efforts.

Now I'll show you how to put it to good use. Consider all the ways you could want to organise the individuals who appear in your feed. You may organise your Twitter followers into many categories, such as famous individuals, specific interests, influential users, recent additions to your follower count, people who often retweet your updates, conversation participants, event attendees, and colleagues. Thanks to these lists, interacting with one's Twitter following, sharing articles, and retweeting are a breeze.

Examining a Real-World Example

Hundreds of fighters from the UFC, TUF, and WEC were encouraged to join Twitter during the annual UFC Summit in Las Vegas. Identification, authenticity verification, and public communication became difficult for the UFC.

However, proving the veracity of actual fighter stories and getting the word out to supporters was a far more difficult task. UFC then used its official Twitter accounts (i.e., @DanaWhite and @UFC) to disseminate a master list of combatants.
When they first started off, they had a lot of problems with fake accounts and discrepancies. After then, the UFC Twitter roster included the accounts of around 47 fighters. Unfortunately, the list also includes over 200 non-UFC Twitter profiles.

The @TheFrankMir Twitter account of one of the UFC's most well-known fighters, Frank Mir, was almost indistinguishable from that of 7 fake accounts. Frank Mir's genuine account skyrocketed from having 4 followers to 2,600 followers in less than 12 hours after @UFC released the 'fighter list.'

8. Twitter data analysis and split-second A/B testing

Adwords text, landing page copy, email subject lines, and blog post headlines must all be tested to ensure maximum effectiveness. The best possible outcome may be achieved by exhaustive and ongoing testing. Indeed, same verification procedures also apply to social media.

And here is when A/B testing comes in handy. Allows you to take command of (A) and pit it against an adversary (B). It's not limited to just trying out new landing pages and associated ads. As an added bonus, Twitter allows you to do A/B testing at no additional cost. Conversion rates are the primary focus of the majority of the testing.

To begin, you may put your previous tweets through their paces. You may search for the kind of tweets you often post, such as quotations, statistics, headlines, links, and descriptions. You should try out your tweets with and without supplementary materials like videos, gifs, links, etc. You might also try out several tweets that use the same or a similar picture but different text. By tweeting the same information with different hashtags, one may assess the effectiveness and relevancy of hashtags.

Make your job easier by keeping track of tweet content, tweet URL, and accompanying picture in a separate section of an Excel spreadsheet. You may schedule tweets in advance using automation tools on Twitter and send them out at convenient times. You can use Twitter Analytics or TweeTap to export your data after you've tweeted many times.

There may be no need to tweet many times if your Twitter following is substantial. More people will engage with your tweets if they get a large number of views. The level of interest in your tweets as measured by these responses. You may then tweak your approach and re-test based on the data.

Last Words

Companies are competing fiercely for followers on Twitter. However, if you put in the time to learn the basics of Twitter's functionality, you may offer your company a leg up on the competition.

Twitter is still expanding rapidly in 2022. It has millions of active users, which is a major selling point. With the right advertising plan in place, you need just concentrate on your intended demographic to generate leads.

Achieving your goals is easier than ever with the help of programmes like SocialPilot. Use the aforementioned advice, make the most of Twitter's capabilities, and get involved with trending topics to see a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spreading the word about your brand's presence on Twitter requires regular tweeting. Using Twitter analytics to monitor your progress is another great way to fine-tune your tweeting strategy.

Twitter may be used to expand your company's audience and raise its profile. Including a bio link on all of your social media profiles and performing targeted advertising campaigns can boost your website's conversion rate and visitor traffic even more.

In case you were wondering, using Twitter for commercial purposes is totally free of charge. You may develop a reputation as a customer-focused company by establishing direct contact with your target demographic. However, you can get the most out of it by using automation software like SocialPilot to optimise your processes even further.

If you want more followers on Twitter, try these strategies.

People to tag and mention
Update your bio to include connections to your most recent website and advertising initiatives.
Employ branded hash tags.
Share user-created tweets
Organizing and executing advertising campaigns

Twitter may be useful for advertising local companies. It's ideal for instantaneous, worldwide communication. Small companies may become topics of great interest to tweeple and produce qualified leads on Twitter if handled properly.

The previous 140-character restriction on Twitter has been increased to 280. In addition, there are restrictions on the total amount of tweets, followers, DMs, and lists that may be sent in a day in order to prevent abusive spamming.

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