9 Hottest YouTube Trends You Can't Ignore in 2023

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9 Hottest YouTube Trends You Can't Ignore in 2023

08/30/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Trending

There are 9 major 2023 YouTube movements you should be aware of

YouTube will never be stopped. Monthly active users alone exceed two billion, and it doesn't consider the many more who browse the site but never register. The ever-growing number of users means that YouTube video trends are always developing and changing. Whether you're a creator on YouTube or just a casual user, it's important to keep up with the latest trends so that you can better connect with the site's massive audience.

Videos uploaded to YouTube over the previous several months have been evaluated to reveal the year 2022's most popular YouTube content. What follows might help you decide what kind of video to make for your own YouTube channel.

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Top 9 YouTube Trends

  1. YouTube Challenges
  2. YouTube Shorts
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Community Engagement
  5. ASMR
  6. DIY/Life Hacks/How to
  7. Immersive Shopping
  8. 360 Video
  9. Gaming

1. YouTube's Dares

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like a test of their mettle. They're amusing to perform and watch, making them a good choice for a good time. In addition, making a challenge video is a quick and simple approach to increase your channel's subscriber base.

The sorts of difficulties range widely. Spicy vs. Sweet Food is one of the most well-known examples. Videos that last for 24 hours, like "overnight" or "surviving" challenges. Then there's the ever-popular "Couple's Challenge," of course.

2. YouTube's Short Films

TikTok has been largely responsible for the meteoric rise of short-form videos to the top of the entertainment food chain. As a result, dependency is quite simple to develop. Who among us hasn't accidentally wasted hours watching one viral video after another?

Since YouTube's March 2021 rollout of Shorts in the United States, the format's popularity has skyrocketed among the platform's user population as a whole. There is a special "Shorts" tab where producers may submit films that are up to 60 seconds long, rather than having them clutter up their main channel sites.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming have been increasingly popular on the YouTube platform in recent years. In the first half of 2020, for instance, the number of daily live streaming climbed by 45%, and 58% of viewers said that viewing live videos made them feel more connected during the epidemic.

Even in 2022, hundreds of live broadcasts are available at any one moment, and they cover a wide variety of themes beyond simply video games.

4. Community Engagement

Anyone who has been a YouTuber for more than a few of months understands how vital having a community is. Participating in one's community is crucial to one's development. A growing trend among prominent YouTubers is to include "subscribers decide" videos in their regularly scheduled programming. In these videos, artists use subscriber votes to inform their choices. Here are a few examples of well-liked "subscribers decide" videos:

Subscribers determine my outfit
Fans vote on which games I'll participate in.
Subscribers select what I eat for 24 hours
These films enable viewers to feel linked to their favourite artists, even if those creators have millions of subscribers voting in their polls.


In what was once a relatively obscure subgenre, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos have become a massive phenomenon on YouTube. Many viewers of ASMR films report feeling a pleasant tingling sensation that begins in the scalp and is sometimes described as a "brain massage."

The phrase "ASMR" is now the third most searched for term on YouTube. Although you may not like ASMR videos yourself, you cannot dispute their meteoric rise in popularity over the last several years.

6. do-it-yourself/life hacks/guides

If you type "how to" into YouTube's search box, you'll get suggestions for videos on anything from basic skills like how to tie a tie to more advanced topics like customising your Roblox username. Observing a video is a great method to pick up a new skill, and with the vast library of videos available on YouTube, there are likely hundreds of instructors to select from for any particular area of study.

7: Totally Submergent Stores

You have engaged in "immersive shopping" if you have ever viewed a YouTube video that ultimately prompted you to buy a product. Gift recommendations, "shop with me" videos, and "hauls" (in which the YouTuber displays and sometimes even tries on newly acquired goods) are all part of this fad.

Eighty percent of internet buyers have seen a YouTube video about the item they ultimately purchased, according to a recent survey. Consumer purchasing habits are profoundly impacted by immersive shopping videos, which often cause retailers to run out of the highlighted products after becoming viral.

8. 360 Video

Let the Metaverse begin! With the use of a virtual reality headset or by dragging their displays, viewers of 360-degree movies may experience a landscape as if they were moving across it at a 360-degree angle.

Many predicted 360 would be the next great thing when it was initially released. The epidemic of 2020 prohibited people from accomplishing much of anything, and that's when it started to gain traction. Furthermore, the past two years have seen a massive increase in 360 material thanks to the growing interest in virtual reality.

Keep in mind that not every video editing software supports 360-degree footage. Therefore, many YouTubers use PowerDirector 365, an application that makes it simple to edit 360-degree films, to produce these movies.

As soon as you upload a 360-degree movie shot on your camera to the PowerDirector timeline, a 360 editor will pop up, allowing you to do things like add titles and stabilise the video.


9. Putting Games

You may not grasp the scope of this genre's success on YouTube if you aren't a gamer. There are already approximately 40 million functional gaming channels on the platform.

To be sure, gaming is not a recent fad; in 2020, YouTube viewers spent over 100 billion hours watching game video, twice the amount of hours spent in 2018. Nonetheless, this is not a fad that will quickly go off.

Check out How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2022 if you're interested in launching a gaming channel. It's a whole manual for making it as a YouTube gamer.

Top Freeware Programs for Editing Videos for Uploading to YouTube

YouTube is unquestionably one of the most popular websites, and recognising the current trends shaping YouTube culture is useful for users, artists, and random visitors alike.

360-degree movies, immersive shopping experiences, and live streaming continue to dominate YouTube's trending tab in 2022, all of which originated as responses to the epidemic.

YouTube shorts and other recent developments have also altered the manner in which producers engage with the site and the sorts of videos that fans have come to anticipate from their favourite channels.

Because of the rapid pace at which the video editing industry evolves, it is essential to choose an editing suite that is capable of handling current trends. If you already have a YouTube channel or are planning to launch one soon, you should take the time to locate a suitable editing application.

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