Google Trends free script download

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Google Trends free script download

09/05/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Trending

Google Trends Free Script Download

Is Google Trends free to use?

I was wondering whether Google Trends has a fee associated with it.
Google Trends, a free service offered by Google, is where you should look. To get valuable insight into the topics that your target audience is investigating online, you may use Google Trends to monitor search volume across time, season, and geography.

Is there an API for Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free resource that may be used to examine how people's interest in a certain subject, search phrase, or business has changed over time. Pytrends is an unauthorised application programming interface (API) for Google Trends that offers many means of retrieving trending results reports.

How do I scrape Google Trends data in Python?

How to Build a Google Trends Scraper with PyTrends
Install Python and PyTrends.
Connect to Google Trends Using PyTrends.
Write the Payload.
Extract Data from Google Trends.
Finding Out If There Is a Pattern.
Setting Up Our Development Environment.
Retrieving the Intended Web Address.
Integrating Fetch with ScraperAPI.

Can you walk me through the steps of doing a search in Google Trends?

To use Google Trends, just type a keyword or subject of interest into the search field. You'll be sent straight to the "Explore" tab, where you can learn about things like regional term trends, seasonality in search traffic, and more. Tracking this term's popularity over time is a breeze.

What is Google Trends dataset?

Explain Google Trends data set.
Users and companies alike will be able to utilise the Google Trends information to their advantage and make more informed choices thanks to the indications it provides. Through the use of automation and the exposure of anonymised, aggregated, and indexed search data in BigQuery, this dataset makes using the current Google Trends UI much more convenient for users.

What is Google Trends tool?

The Google Trends tool is described.
If you want to see how often a certain phrase is put into Google's search engine in comparison to the site's overall search volume during a certain time period, you may utilise Google's handy Search Trends function.

When using Google Trends, what does a value of 100 indicate?

highest point in Google Trends' fame

According to the figure, the values show the percentage of searches that were conducted relative to the peak for the given time and location. If the value is 100, then the term's popularity is at its highest, whereas if it's 50, then it's only half as popular.

When building a website, how can I best use Google Trends?

I'm curious in using Google Trends, but how can I do that?
Recognize the Interest in Particular Keywords.
Study Seasonal Patterns.
Try to stay away from fleetingly trendy search terms.
Look for Recently Discussed Subjects That Are Also of Interest.
Consider using future-gazing tools.
Discover Corresponding Searches to Gain an Advantage.
Enhance Your Approach to Regional Search Engine Optimization.
Boost the SEO of Your Videos.

How can I make Google Trends more popular?

Learn the Ins and Outs of Google Trends
Use current events as inspiration for content.
Freshen up your old posts by making updates to them.
Create a schedule for your content.
Make marketing efforts and content that are tailored to a certain region.
Tune Up Your Keyword Analysis.
Find Fresh Search Terms by Analyzing Related Questions...
Get the word out about hot new products.

Google Trends free script Download



The goal is to provide a solution to pull google trends data for multiple keywords exactly, individually, and automatically.

Specifically, we’ll pull google trends data for six apparel/footwear brands (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Zara, H&M, Louis Vuitton) in three countries (US, UK, Germany). Using Python, there are four steps to achieve this:

  • Step 1: Install pytrends API
  • Step 2: Get exact keywords
  • Step 3: Pull Google trends data by exact keywords by country
  • Step 4: Visualize Google trends

Step 1: Install pytrends API

First of all, we need to install that package called “pytrends”, which is designed to pull google trends using python. Simply execute the following code from your Terminal. You could find the comprehensive documentation of the pytrends API

pip install pytrends

We will then import the necessary packages.

import pandas as pd
import pytrends
from pytrends.request import TrendReq
pytrend = TrendReq()

Step 2: Get exact keywords

As discussed earlier, we need to be precise on the keywords to avoid ambiguity. Pytrends provides a function called pytrend.suggestions that could return several suggestions for a keyword. Usually, the first suggestion is the most popular one. “mid” column contains those exact keywords we’d like to search.

KEYWORDS=['Nike','Adidas','Under Armour','Zara','H&M','Louis Vuitton']
KEYWORDS_CODES=[pytrend.suggestions(keyword=i)[0] for i in KEYWORDS]

Step 3: Get Google trends data by exact keywords

Next, we’ll set those 5 parameters.

DATE_INTERVAL='2020-01-01 2020-05-01'
COUNTRY=["US","GB","DE"] #Use this link for iso country code
CATEGORY=0 # Use this link to select categories
SEARCH_TYPE='' #default is 'web searches',others include 'images','news','youtube','froogle' (google shopping)

Step 4: Visualize Google trends

In the blink of an eye, we get our google trends data. Finally, let’s visualize Louis Vuitton's google trends across countries. As we could see, Louis Vuitton clearly gets hard hit by COVID-19, just like many other brands and industries.

import seaborn as sns
dx = df_trends.plot(figsize = (12,8),x="date", y=['Louis Vuitton-US','Louis Vuitton-UK','Louis Vuitton-Germany'], kind="line", title = "Louis Vuitton Google Trends")
dx.set_ylabel('Trends Index')
dx.tick_params(axis='both', which='both', labelsize=10)

As businesses ramp up their COVID -19 consumer behaviour monitoring efforts, they are increasingly turning to Google Trends. We developed a little programme that automatically and accurately retrieves data from Google Trends to aid.

Download the free Google Trends script here.

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