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Google AdWords

05/21/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo (search engine optimization)

AdWords by Google

Was there a time when you wondered how Google made money from ads? In order to get the word out about a company, advertising is an excellent choice of strategy. Having the option to do it online is a huge plus. Even though a slew of new websites are being established every day, their poor SEO rankings mean they never appear in search engine results (SERPs). Because of this, companies are forced to employ Google AdWords to advertise their material. AdWords, a Google tool, may help you improve your SEO. Not only does it come with no cost, but it also has a wide selection of options.

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What exactly is Google AdWords?

A service offered by Google is paid per click (PPC) advertising. Google deducts the bidding price paid by you when your website's search engine results page advertisements are clicked or seen (SERP).

It is a good idea to track the number of individuals who have clicked on your ad in order to determine its effectiveness. The keywords you choose are entirely up to you. If such terms are really popular, the bidding price will surely rise, but the cost will be far lower if they are used seldom.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Pay-per-click marketing (PPC). It is the Google algorithms that decide the winning bidder in an auction on this site.

There is a difference between paid and organic search results, and they are not the same thing. On the search results page, it's usually located at the top or side (SERP). Costs will be determined by the marketing budget of the firm.

Google AdWords: What Is the Process?

If you have a website (or a product or service) and want to promote it online, you may use Google AdWords. Here's how it all goes down: Your website will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) if you have paid Google to market it using a specific set of keywords. Google will charge for the phrases you've already paid for. Consequently, the amount of money you spend on advertising and the quantity of people that visit your website have a significant effect.

Mr. Manish's Google-hosted e-commerce site is not attracting enough clients. Google AdWords CPC bidding was the first step in discovering how much he would spend for each click via the platform. He saw an increase in visits to his website after this (cost per click). If a consumer clicks on the ad, Google will deduct the bidding amount and continue until the advertising budget is gone.

So, what exactly are these Google Ads that you keep hearing about?

Adverts are shown in a certain way by Google on The advertising has a short description, your website's name, and a link to your site. You have complete control over whether or not your ad appears on Google's first page of results, second page, or third page. You must play the game more regularly if you want your ad to appear towards the top of Google's search results.

Google AdWords Ad Types 

AdWords ad types include those listed below:

In-App Purchase Ads - Call-Only Ads - Display Ads - Shopping Ads - Video Ads - Search Ads - In-App Purchase Ads

When this occurs, users will see advertisements tailored to their specific search keywords. Conversion rates, bids, and user experience on the landing page are all critical to the effectiveness of these ads. Advertisements are prioritised by Google using a variety of factors, including but not limited to past user purchases, relevance, bidding, and content.

When someone types in "Shimla tour packages," a slew of tour operators pop up.

Display Ads:

Ads, whether static or dynamic, may be seen all over the internet. According to Google's statistics, these advertisements are presented to users based on their interests, searches, and other data. If you include certain travel-related websites in your ad content, your advertising will be seen by their target audience.

Ads for Shopping:

In order to attract new consumers, internet shops often employ these ads. These ads are seen when someone searches for a certain product. A excellent illustration of this is athletic footwear.

These are the most common kind of video ads.

YouTube and other Google video-viewing websites include this kind of advertising. If you're trying to get people to watch your video on YouTube, you're at the right place. Another bonus of utilising YouTube instead of conventional TV advertising is the opportunity to analyse ROI and user engagement (UX).

The following is the phone number for calling just advertisements: —

Instead of going to the company's website, ads like these push you to phone a customer support hotline.

Advertising in mobile apps:

App users are more likely to download the app after seeing this promotional material.

Google AdWords Bidding: What's the Process?

PPC relies heavily on bidding. You'll be asked how much you're ready to spend on a campaign by Google if an advertiser is willing to pay a particular amount for each user who clicks on his advertising

In advertising, quality ratings are appreciated. As long as Google's crawler decides that your ad is more intriguing and preferable than the competition's, it will display above them. You can't expect to get organic traffic by using this method. Google AdWords traffic, which is used to target a particular audience interested in buying or selling products, is more likely to be utilised for information collection than organic traffic.

In order to determine the cost of an ad's run, Google uses a quality score that takes into account the content that is linked to it. Bidding on an ad during an auction is done using this method.

The quality of an ad is strongly dependent on its CTR (click-through rate). Ads that get more than one click indicate that Google has assessed that the ads are still relevant to the search terms input. Having a high quality score effects your ad placement and prices on Google.

What does a high quality rating look like in practise?

Your ad may benefit from a high quality score in a variety of ways. Quality scores and pay-per-click (PPC) go hand in hand. As long as your ad isn't drawing in any new customers, it is pointless to cut your cost per click. When you pay for an ad, you want the user to do the desired action. This aim cannot be achieved without receiving high-quality grades.

What is Google's Ad Rank?

Each ad's position on the SERP is determined by an AdWords ranking criteria.

Depending on where you rank, your ad may appear at the top or bottom of the page.

Ad Ranking Factors:

Your ad's position in the search results depends heavily on the quality of your score. It's why the landing page is responsible for half of that, while the other quality components are responsible for the other half.
If your ad isn't properly optimised, it won't be as effective. Your ad's success depends on a variety of factors, including the device being used, the area (search radius), and the keywords you select.
Confidence may be bolstered with a phone number or location, for example.
Google AdWords Campaign Setup:
Google AdWords campaigns may be better understood if examples are given.

It's best to spend a bid of about 2/- every day on your campaign if you have a daily budget of 50/- There are only 25 persons who will be able to click on an advertising at this time since your campaign's budget has been exhausted.

You'll need a Google account to run a Google ad campaign. In order to use any of these tools, you must first sign in to Gmail or Gmail Plus.

There is a step-by-step guide on setting up an ad campaign on Google AdWords. Google will ask you a few questions about your advertising, such as their description, tags, and links, if you want them to display in several regions and languages. It's also feasible to tailor your audience's age range and the radius in which you want to show your ad.

Google will provide you with a budget for your ad campaign, and its algorithms will calculate how much you should bid on your ad. The criteria you pick to narrow down your search phrases have an impact on the bid.

Ads that leave a bad taste in your target audience's mouth won't help you get your message through. If you have a poor SEO score, your website visitors are more likely to leave. As a result, your search engine rating suffers.

Google Ads has a number of advantages, including:

There are several advantages to advertising using Google AdWords. The following are some of the topics covered:-

To be able to measure anything at all:

The unique features of this application make it easy to calculate and measure your return on investment (ROI). Response speed, ease of navigation, and the number of clicks all go towards a website's overall performance. In order to correctly predict future campaign performance, you must assess and distribute your campaign finances.

Know who you're writing for:

Using AdWords, you may narrow your focus on a certain demographic. Google AdWords may help a company selling hand gloves figure out where and when consumers are most likely to buy.

There's no need to waste time or money trying to find the right audience when you use this method.


If your e-commerce firm sells a variety of leather jackets, you may TARGET the customers who visit your site but don't make a purchase by MARKING the areas where they go but don't make a purchase.

Custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences, two sophisticated techniques, may be used to target a particular set of individuals who would be interested in viewing your brand's advertisements.

Visitors who come to your site in search of fictitious books to buy but leave without making a purchase will most likely see an advertisement for fictitious novels when they return.


AdWords is a great way to get your ad in front of Google searchers. However, even though it may take a lot of time and money to get the most out it, this tool has the potential to be very valuable. There's no disputing its flexibility and practicality despite the fact that it seems daunting at first. Search engine visibility for your website may be greatly enhanced using Google Search Console. Both of these technologies are critical to SEO. -


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