Top 5 Best Free PC Junk Cleaning Software For Windows

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Top 5 Best Free PC Junk Cleaning Software For Windows

05/21/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Tips & tricks

Top 5 Best Free PC Junk Cleaning Software For Windows

The performance of your computer might be negatively affected if you don't remove unnecessary files from your computer. Keeping your PC running at peak efficiency necessitates frequent junk file cleanups. By deleting unnecessary items such temporary files, logs, and temporary internet files, you may free up storage space on your computer. Application crashes and lengthy waits between programme starts may be reduced with the help of a free PC optimizer.

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Top 5 Free Windows PC Cleaner Programs

If you're looking to improve your computer's speed, here are the top free PC cleaning applications for Windows.

1. CCleaner

Cleaner CCleaner is the best way to keep your computer running at its best. It safeguards your privacy while also enhancing the speed and security of your computer! Many people throughout the globe rely on CCleaner to keep their PCs running smoothly, and for good reason. One-click cleaning makes it simple for even the most novice of computer users to do computer optimization tasks. It also has a slew of advanced options for those who need them. What's wrong with your computer's speed? Unused files and settings eat up space on the hard drive as the computer ages, slowing it down. CCleaner removes these bloatware files and speeds up your computer immediately. Cookies are used by advertisers and websites to monitor your online activity. For privacy and anonymity, CCleaner removes your browser's history and cookies, making it impossible for anybody to track what you do online. Crashing might occur if your registry becomes clogged with mistakes and broken settings over time. To improve your PC's stability, CCleaner's unique registry cleaning removes this junk. When you first turn on your computer, a slew of apps begin working in the background without your knowledge. In order to get things done more quickly, CCleaner allows you to deactivate unnecessary apps.

2. Glary Utilities 5

Free, powerful, and all-in-one PC cleaning tool number one.
Resolves annoying issues like system freezes and crashes by boosting PC performance
Provides simple, automatic selections with a single click.
More than 20 tools to help you get the most out of your computer.
Eight times quicker and eight times more comprehensively than before, it now scans and analyses your PC's problems.
More than 20 system tools are included in this package to boost your computer's performance.
Improved user experience thanks to a new and unique design.

3. FileCleaner

The Issue: Your computer is becoming more sluggish, there is insufficient disc space, and you are receiving mysterious system problems. Finding the appropriate settings to solve everything is just too tough.
It is possible to get rid of unwanted files, clean up your PC, and maintain your privacy using FileCleaner. For optimal speed and efficiency, it automatically fixes system settings, helps you remove rogue applications, and does a comprehensive PC clean up. As a result, you'll have a computer that's always quick, reliable, and secure.

4. Baidu Cleaner

In the realm of PC optimization, there is none more potent than Baidu Cleaner. It has a sophisticated garbage cleanup reminder system as well as full cleaning. After removing an application, Baidu Cleaner can find and delete any remaining files, including those from bundled software, from your hard drive.

5. PC Booster

To find out why your PC is operating slowly, you don't have to be an IT expert. Just let PC Booster do the job for you.
Identifying ancient game drivers may take a long time even when they are freely accessible on the manufacturer's website. Finding the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's website may be time-consuming and unsafe if you download an erroneous driver. PC Booster's Game Booster automatically downloads up-to-date versions of your game for free.
PC Booster was created with the user's convenience, efficacy, and simplicity in mind. With PC Booster, you'll receive the following:
Adjust the appearance and behaviour of Windows to match your specific requirements
Makes it easy to utilise your PC on a daily basis.
Enhances the efficiency of a computer
Your PC's health may be seen at a glance.


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