15+ CSS Avatars Design

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15+ CSS Avatars Design

06/15/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Css & css3

15+ CSS Avatars Design

This article is all about CSS avatars, so if you're searching for some inspiration, I've compiled a list of the best of the best. These CSS Avatars may be used on your own website's profile page.

List of CSS Avatars with the most views.

Avatar Animation for Your Profile


See the Pen Profile Avatar Animation by Chandra Shekhar (@chandrashekhar) on CodePen.


chandrashekhar has built an HTML/CSS (SCSS) profile avatar animation script.

Avatar with Cut-Off Border

natszafraniec created this HTML/CSS (SCSS) avatar with a cut-off border.

Youtube Backlinks Generator:-

See the Pen Avatar with cut-off border - concept by Natalia 🤟 (@natszafraniec) on CodePen.

Pure CSS Avatars

akhil 001 created this HTML/CSS (SCSS) script for creating avatars just using CSS.

See the Pen Pure CSS Chris Coyier Pixel Avatar by Asyraf Hussin (@AsyrafHussin) on CodePen.


CSS-only responsive design pixel avatar by chris coyier

CSS-only responsive design AsyrafHussin created the Chris Coyier Pixel Avatar script in HTML (Pug) and CSS (SCSS).


Avatar Cards 

HTML / CSS / JS based Avatar Cards software built by M0nica.

See the Pen Avatar Cards by Monica Powell (@M0nica) on CodePen.




Script built by ycw using HTML (Pug) and CSS (Less).

See the Pen avatar by ycw (@ycw) on CodePen.



Content-Drop Shadow

An HTML/CSS/JS (Babel)/HTML/CSS/JS (SCSS) drop shadow script built by Blueblau.

See the Pen Content-drop Shadow by Kenneth Luplau-Brøgger (@Blueblau) on CodePen.



Self Portrait (Interactive) 

elisabethdiang wrote the HTML/CSS (SCSS) Self Portrait (Interactive) script.

See the Pen Day 9: Self Portrait (Interactive) by Tee (@acupoftee) on CodePen.



Twitch Avatar Spin

Tampon wrote the HTML/CSS/JS-based Twitch Avatar Spin software.

See the Pen Twitch Avatar Spin by Noble Paladin (@Tampon) on CodePen.




(Tap or Hover) 

tylersticka created a tap or hover (HTML / CSS / JS) script


See the Pen ;-D (tap or hover) by Tyler Sticka (@tylersticka) on CodePen.


Avatar with HTML and CSS

Using HTML and CSS to create an avatar. bcarvalho wrote the HTML/CSS (SCSS) script.

See the Pen Avatar with HTML + CSS by Bruno Carvalho (@bcarvalho) on CodePen.


Avatar Border Effect 

Thebabydino's HTML/CSS (SCSS) script for an avatar border effect.

See the Pen Avatar border effect - 15 declarations, 1 element, no pseudos! by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen.



Pure CSS Avatar

knyttneve created this pure CSS Avatar script using HTML (Pug) and CSS (SCSS).

See the Pen Pure CSS Avatar by Mert Cukuren (@knyttneve) on CodePen.



Pulsating Avatar

Blixt wrote the HTML and CSS code for this pulsating avatar.

See the Pen Avatar Frame Example by Luis Santos (@lgmsantos94) on CodePen.


Pure CSS Self Portrait Avatar

HTML/CSS (SCSS) Self Portrait Avatar Script built by tarynewens in pure CSS.

See the Pen Pure CSS self portrait avatar by Taryn Ewens (@tarynewens) on CodePen.


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