Create High-Quality Links From Scratch Using This List of 60 Free Backlink Sites!

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Create High-Quality Links From Scratch Using This List of 60 Free Backlink Sites!

06/02/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Backlink

Create High-Quality Links From Scratch Using This List of 60 Free Backlink Sites!

Free backlinks sites will always be an important ranking component in Google's algorithm. As a result, you'll see an increase in organic traffic and a rise in the visibility of your brand and authority in the eyes of prospective buyers.

However, if you are new to SEO, getting high-quality backlinks for free on the internet might take a long time and a lot of work. In other words, what are your options for getting free, high-quality backlinks?

Up reports will provide you with a list of free backlinks sites in order to answer this query. There are a plethora of services that may assist you to develop backlinks from scratch and boost your domain authority in 2021.

Let's acquire a better grasp of what backlinks are and why you need them before we get to the list.

Youtube Backlinks Generator:-

What do backlinks mean?

Pages on one website are linked to other websites through so-called "backlinks," also known as "incoming" or "incoming" links. They are treated as endorsements by Google and the other major search engines. High-ranking pages in organic search tend to have a lot of links pointing to them.

A backlink is a reference to a page on another website that points back to yours. There is a backlink from your website if you connect to another site.

What is the significance of backlinks?

Using backlinks may benefit a website in three primary ways:

Backlinks, whether free or purchased, are seen by Google as a vote of confidence. Each of these votes informs search engines, "This material is valuable, dependable, and helpful.". Simple math tells us that more votes equal higher visibility in search engine results for relevant search terms.
Search engines find new material by revisiting sites they currently know about to see if any new connections have been established. It's possible that search engines may find your material more quickly if you receive free backlinks from high-ranking websites.
Backlinks exist to point web surfers in the right direction. Why do they have a clickable button? Referral traffic is generated when someone clicks on a hyperlink to your site that was provided for free.

List of sites offering unpaid connections

In light of what you now know about backlinks and how critical they are, let's take a closer look at our list of no-cost resources for building quality backlinks.

We've organized the free backlink sites into categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. In the year 2022, you may begin generating free backlinks to your website from the websites listed below:

Social networking sites that provide backlinks for free.

#1 Facebook

To get free backlinks for a company website, Facebook is a popular social media network. A global audience of more than 1.69 billion might help your company grow and connect with the right customers.

Facebook postings may include links that take users to a certain website. Additionally, this social networking platform offers a variety of ways for people to go to your site through the free hyperlinks that you provide in your profile, groups, pages, and timeline.

#2 Twitter

Twitter, like Facebook, offers backlinks to your site for free. Over 330 million people utilize this social media network on a daily basis. Many companies, enterprises, and even celebrities use Twitter to advertise, promote, and raise brand recognition for their products or services.

The setup of a Twitter company profile and the sharing of tweets with relevant hashtags and links are two common activities for SEO specialists. If you employ the proper hashtags in conjunction with quality content, your post will be more visible to people, increasing the likelihood that they will click on the hyperlink you've built.

#3 Instagram

In 2022, there will be a new social media network for gaining free backlinks from zero. Instagram is an image and video-sharing network with over 26.9 million active users globally. Although it is infamous for not being link-friendly, it has significant potential for driving traffic to the website.

Digital marketing experts use hashtags to engage with their target audience and enhance brand exposure by posting photos or videos with relevant hashtags. Instagram's business profile may also be used to get a free backlink by including a link in the bio.

#4 Pinterest

You may be astonished to find that among 63,000 queries done every second on Google, photographs (together with links) uploaded on Pinterest ranks higher. Even though it provides you a no-follow backlink, SEO experts highly suggest this site to gain free backlinks for growing web traffic.

Make sure you have engaging, eye-catching graphics associated with Pins. Pinterest will scan your site and pull all accessible photos (including affiliate banners) for you to select from.

#5 Tumblr

Free backlinks supplied by Tumblr are some excellent lower-hanging fruits that don’t take much work or knowledge. It is a blogging platform with over 465 million blogs and 327 million active users globally. Tumblr delivers businesses' do-follow links and aids them in building website authority.

We realize they may not take you from the fifth page to the top page for all of your keywords, but they can surely shift the needle.

#6 Linkedin

White-collar enterprises that provide a wide range of services find LinkedIn to be an exceptionally valuable and effective resource. Some people just use it to keep their resumes up-to-date and to maintain a professional web presence. Other people utilize LinkedIn to obtain backlinks to their websites for free. It's simple to get more traffic to your website by creating a profile, adding a URL, and routinely sharing articles or items.

#7 Minds

One of the most beneficial sites to create free backlinks from ground zero. This free "crypto social network" utilises blockchain technology to reward its members with tokens. By using these tokens, individuals may get exposure for their work or help support the projects of their peers. This social networking site has around 2.5 million registered members and 300,000 monthly active users.

#8 Trepup

Additionally, Trepup is a well-known social networking platform that assists company owners in obtaining free backlinks to their website or blog. Every year, millions of merchants and buyers from all over the globe come together on this global marketplace that was launched in 2014. It is possible to get backlinks for free from this social media network.

Platforms that let users to upload and share videos in exchange for links

#9 Youtube

Uploading and viewing videos on YouTube is a common occurrence among us. But did you know that it's also a great place to earn free backlinks for your website? YouTube videos are almost always included in Google searches. As the second-largest search engine in the world, it's easy to see why.

A Google account is required before you may get free backlinks from YouTube. It's time to put the channel's description and banner to good use! Keep in mind that making a difference takes time. With time, you'll begin to outrank your online opponents. This platform's no-follow backlinks are the only way to get free traffic.

#10 Vimeo

In 2022, another well-known video-sharing site will allow users to generate backlinks from zero. If you want to connect to your main site as well as your other social media accounts, Vimeo is a terrific option because of the large number of backlinks it enables you to add to your profile.

It doesn't matter whether Vimeo gives you no-follow backlinks since it has 50 million users. Make certain that the videos you upload have a lot of information in them.

#11 DailyMotion

After YouTube and Vimeo, DailyMotion is a well-known video-sharing service. Like YouTube's channel page, this platform lets you add up to five links to your material. Make sure to include your primary website as well as four other social media pages. No-follow links are generated by DailyMotion.

#12 MetaCafe

Our guess is that a large number of you are unfamiliar with this video-sharing network. Hundreds of millions of people use MetaCafe to share short films and images. This website has a high DA score of 82.1, making it an excellent choice for advertising your company's website and raising consumer awareness of your brand.

MetaCafe is a good source of backlinks that may help you improve your search engine rankings.

Q&A and community platforms for free backlinks

#13 Quora

Your website's content may be diversified by using Q&A sites like Quora to earn free backlinks. Despite the fact that these hyperlinks are no-follow, they should not be ignored. Leave a link to your website when you respond to questions about it. Your website's traffic might benefit greatly from Quora's audience.

#14 Reddit

Getting a free backlink from Reddit may have a significant influence on the search engine optimization of your website. There are elements of a discussion board, social networking site, and aggregator here. Include links and text posts in your submissions to Reddit. Make sure your postings don't seem too promotional and more natural-looking.

#15 Google QnA  

One of the best ways to get free backlinks is to use Google QnA. Use your website's relevant material to answer inquiries from the community. No-follow backlinks from Google QnA may help your site develop and become more authoritative, but only if relevant questions from the site appear on the first page of search results.

For free backlinks, you may use blogging sites.

#16 Medium

In order to boost traffic to your company website, starting from scratch and building backlinks is a terrific idea. In this way, you'll be able to reach a pre-existing group of readers who are already interested in the topics you cover. Approximately 85 million to 100 million people use Medium on a monthly basis. No-follow backlinks may be gained using this blogging platform.

#17 Blogger 

Another excellent blogging platform that has the ability to help you generate more traffic to your website and attract more of the ideal visitors. Prya labs introduced Blogger in 1999 as a free tool for building do-follow backlinks. Make careful you only post high-quality material on our site.

#18 WordPress

In order to start creating backlinks from the bottom up, we couldn't overlook this very popular blog publishing platform. WordPress is a free platform for building websites. No-follow links may be gained using this blogging platform. If you're going to utilise the website for your company, you may also monetize it.

#19 Wattpad

Wattpad is a platform for writers to share their work with the world. For established authors, it tries to build social networks. According to our findings, 88% of Wattpad's 45 million+ readers are between the ages of 13 and 30. One-fifth of those polled are younger than 18. You can simply generate referral traffic to your website by using this platform to earn free backlinks.

For free backlinks, use PDF, infographics, presentations, and document-publishing services like SlideShare

#20 Authorstream

Authorstream is a tool for online distribution of PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files. The nicest part is that everything is free. Start sharing right now by signing up and uploading. Over 5.5 million people have signed up for Authorstream's services, and the site receives 5 million unique visits per month. The hyperlinks provided by Authorstream are all do-follow.

#21 Slideboom

One of the most often used web tools for distributing presentations. Slideboom is a PowerPoint to Flash converter used by business people. What's more, this web platform provides free do-follow backlinks that can enable you to boost your domain authority.

#22 Slideshare

Using Slideshare, you may post presentations, infographics, and other files online for everyone to see. Having more than 80 million registered members, this online platform might be an excellent source of backlinks for building site authority.

#23 Issuu  

Issuu is a platform for discovering and publishing digital material. Entrepreneurs may use it to share, post, and sell their material online using a variety of handy tools. More than 45 million papers are stored on the Issuu server, which attracts more than 100 million visits every month. Do-follow backlinks are provided by Issuu as well as the other presenting platforms.

Sites where you may post photos and get free backlinks

#24 Unsplash

In general, Unsplash is thought of by the public as a free image-sharing website where anybody may access and utilise high-quality images for their own websites, blogs, or printed materials. Are you aware that this platform may also be utilised to create free backlinks? Take some amazing photographs, post them on Unsplash, and include a link in the caption. Easy peasy. Try to make your images stand out from the crowd while maintaining an air of formality.

#25 Flickr

One of the greatest picture management and sharing programmes is Flickr. Since this photo-sharing website hosts 10 billion photographs and 2 million groups, it may assist you in establishing free backlinks from scratch. Flickr's backlinks are all do-follow.

#26 Imgflip

Memes are being used by entrepreneurs to get backlinks. You can post OC memes on a variety of venues, but not all of them will offer you with backlinks. It's also possible to develop high-quality backlinks for free with Imgflip. Your website may benefit from the traffic generated by this image-sharing platform.

#27 Pixabay

To exchange photographs, videos and audio, Pixabay has a similar feature to Unsplash. SEO specialists take advantage of the fact that it is a well-known picture sharing network with over 1.9 million high-quality photographs to get free backlinks. An genuine backlink is provided for your picture and website by Pixabay.

#28 Pexels

Free backlinks may be built from the ground up using this image-sharing site. Stock pictures from Pexels are of professional quality and may be downloaded for free. It's a similar service to Unsplash in that it allows you to post free photographs and receive exposure. You may reach the widest possible audience by posting your images and a link to your website.

#29 Weheartit

A photo-based social network where you can search, bookmark, and share what inspires you is what we love about it! More than 45 million people have signed up for We Heart It. It's also got 25 million monthly users, with the majority of them being female.

If you run a women's lifestyle or fashion website, getting referral traffic from this platform would be very beneficial to your online business's growth and profitability.

Publication and curation of content for the purpose of obtaining free backlinks

#30 Folkd 

Using Folkd, you can keep track of your own bookmarks and those of your friends (if they've been added to your friend list). For internet businesses, SEO specialists utilise this platform to develop backlinks. Every link on Folkd is tagged with a no-follow attribute.

#31 Scoopit

It is expected to be one of the most popular content-sharing sites in 2021. Discovering relevant material is made easier with Scoopit. There is an option for them to post and share articles on the website and on social media. Scoopit's unique feature is that it gives do-follow links that will help you boost your website's domain authority.

#32 Apsense

Sharing and connecting with other companies are only some of the features of Apsense, a corporate social network. It's possible for company owners to utilise this content sharing platform to boost their website's search engine rankings even if the links are no follow.

#33 Mix 

For free backlinks in 2021, you might utilise another popular content sharing network. Blended media such as videos, photos, and blogs are shared by more than 2.2 million Mix users. If you appreciate what someone posts, you may either follow them or offer a like to their post. Mix provides no-follow backlinks, which might be effective in increasing traffic to a website.

#34 Listly 

Anyone unfamiliar with Listly may use it to distribute and embed links from other websites, including blogs. Traffic to the website may be increased by including a link. No-follow backlinks are offered by Listly.

Listing and tagging websites for link-building purposes.

#35 Google My Business

It is possible to list a new company or startup on Google's website for a nominal fee. Listing your company is a terrific way to get your name out there, even if you're just starting out. Building B2C and B2B relationships is made easier by the inclusion of contact information such as a phone number, email, maps, and photos. Using Google My Business, you'll get a backlink to your site that is allowed to be followed.

#36 Crunchbase

On Crunchbase you may discover creative firms, engage with the people behind them, and seek new possibilities. The second most popular company listing website. No-follow links may be found on this site.

#37 Yelp

One of the most well-known directories for listing local businesses, which allows you to create free backlinks from scratch. Yelp aids startups and small companies in growing and establishing an internet presence. Review responses and click-and-call reports are both available to users. In addition, its commercial service aids consumers in publicising their own company websites.

#38 Foursquare

Foursquare has more than 2 million business listings, making it another popular online platform. Based on prior browsing and check-in history, it serves up individualised recommendations to its consumers. You may get a free backlink to your website by registering your company on Foursquare.

Other sites like Angieslist, Superpages, and MerchantCircle may also help you get free backlinks, but these were some of the more prominent ones to start with.

Analyze resources for obtaining free backlinks to your site.

#39 Trustpilot

Trustpilot is without a doubt the most popular site for collecting client feedback from all around the globe. Both product and seller reviews may be checked by a third-party verifier. Customize your review invitation, post ratings and reviews on social media, and connect all review data to your company system with Trustpilot's commercial edition.

A free backlink might be gained by registering and confirming your company on Trustpilot.

#40 TestFreaks

One of the most prominent consumer review websites that aids businesses in obtaining client feedback. Prospective clients may ask questions and get immediate responses from customer support representatives using QnA features.

TestFreaks provides businesses with a free backlink to help them increase their website's authority.

#41 TripAdvisor

There is no better advice for those of you who operate a travel-related blog than this one! Users of TripAdvisor may express their thoughts on the aforementioned company via the medium of reviews. Even if a no-follow link may be gained from the company profile, this review platform has a lot of potential to bring a lot of attention.

#42 Citysearch

Another famous customer review website that has all the capabilities like any other review website. Citysearch offers its customers with a unique feature “best of” that delivers users search results based on the customer ratings. This online review site might be effective for developing free backlinks from ground zero.

venues for submitting classified content for free in exchange for connections

#43 USA free classifieds

Are you operating an internet company in the United States with a website? The following piece of advice we have for obtaining a free backlink is certain to be beneficial to you! The ad posting platform USA free classifieds is a popular choice for businesses operating in the United States. Create an account on this classified website, and then craft an attention-grabbing headline and a brief description. Free ads in the United States of America provide a do-follow backlink at no additional cost.

#44 Top classifieds

For free backlinks in 2021, use an incredibly popular classified submission portal. You may submit your ads with a link to your website on Top Classifieds, a worldwide classified submission service. Do-follow links are an asset for off-page SEO. For the most part this means that you can get a free boost in domain authority.

#45 Classified ad submission service 

Another well-known source of do-follow connections for a website is a classified ad submission service. It's a classified ad network established in the United States that's seen significant growth in recent years. Use this website to market goods and services if your company or customer is based in the United States of America. In order to increase your SEO clout, make use of this free backlinks resource.

#46 Classifiedciti

Classified is a website for posting classified ads that accepts submissions from all around the world. No-follow links are provided on this website, although they may be beneficial in increasing traffic and promoting goods and services.

Building backlinks using free website/page builders

#47 Wix 

It is possible to create a professional-looking website using Wix's free drag-and-and-drop editor, a library of professionally designed templates, and a fully working web framework. More than 110 million people have utilised this platform to create free websites, including small companies, online retailers, and restaurants. Webmasters may get free do-follow backlinks from Wix, which helps them rise in Google search results.

#48 Weebly

New companies and startups may use Weebly to quickly create a website for guest blogging purposes. This website construction platform has everything a company owner needs to start a website, from web hosting and domain registration to web design tools and e-commerce functionality.

#49 About me is a free website builder that allows registered users to combine their online personas, company websites, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube from a single location. Using this famous website building platform, you may earn a backlink for free.

#50 Strikingly 

A website building software called Strikingly allows users with little or no coding skills to construct mobile-optimized blogs in just a few clicks. You may use anchor text in your article to connect back to your own website. A free backlinks website that should be used by any business!

#51 Site123 

Free website builder platform Site123 allows users to construct and personalise their own websites. For a little monthly fee, you can get 500 MB of storage space, Google Analytics, and a web hosting name. Free quality backlinks may be built for your company site by using Site123.

#52 Google sites

We couldn't help but mention this website builder to you. Google Sites is a web page-creation tool developed by Google that allows its users to construct a basic website that facilitates collaboration between several editors. Its simple and user-friendly layout has made it incredibly popular among all of its rivals. Links from Google sites have a do-follow attribute.

Other free backlink-building platforms exist.

#53 Booklikes

User reviews and book recommendations may be found on Booklikes, a social cataloguing website. Users may register their books, form groups for discussion and book recommendations, and join up for an account. Do-follow links are provided by Booklikes.

#54 Kinja 

Blogs may be saved on this digital platform. In Kinja, bookmarks are known as "digests" because of the way they're organised into categories. In addition to media, music, and science, digests are available in a wide range of other disciplines. There are various portions that may be accessed by other people as well. Do-follow links are provided by Kinja.

#55 Tripoto 

The Tripoto website caters to all types of travellers, from leisure travellers to business travellers, all around the globe. Sharing and reading travel tales, blogs, or other travel-related information is made possible by this app Tripoto offers free no-follow backlinks in order to increase a website's domain authority and attract more visitors. For travel companies, this is a must-visit free backlinks site!

#56 Blogolize

Blogolize is another famous free website builder that provides backlinks with no strings attached. It enables users to set up their own blogs. Using Blogolize is a breeze because to its intuitive UI, responsive template design, and stunning design elements. In order to increase their website's DA, entrepreneurs may utilise this platform to produce guest pieces.

#57 SimpleSite 

With no advertisements, Simplesite is the most popular free website builder on the Internet. You have the option of using a domain name that you own. To distinguish it from Blogolize, all free backlinks will be no-follow after the first one earned from published content.

Here are a few well-known websites where you may get free, high-quality backlinks. These backlinks, regardless of whether they are do-follow or no-follow, are a crucial source of domain authority and traffic for any online organisations. The time, work, and worry it takes to establish backlinks from scratch is undeniable, but the benefits to your company's website are well worth it.

The first step is to look for websites in your field that have:

It was renamed.
The URL has been changed.
Withdrew a service from the market
Updates to a resource were halted.
Put an end to it.
Let me give you an illustration of what I mean.

Since SEOMoz's name change to Moz (and the relocation of their website from

Upon hearing the news, I figured that now was the perfect time to contact the hordes of individuals who are still linked to the old urls.

Secondly, we're going to look for websites that are still pointing to the old, obsolete URL.

As soon as you've tracked down a site that has recently changed its name or removed a function, it's important to track down all of the connections to that page.

Using your preferred backlink checking tool, just copy the outdated resource's URL and paste it in.

In this example, I'll be utilising the link building programme Semrush, although there are many more out there.)

Then, see whether any other websites are still pointing to the outdated addresses.

With a variety of sites to choose from, you should be able to find plenty of possibilities to build links.

However, it's best if you target domains with the greatest Domain Authority (DA).

Finally, get your links out there.

The last step is to contact everyone who has a link to the out-of-date resource.

You only want to let them know that their link is out of current...

and politely request that they include your link on their site.

For my SEOmoz/Moz campaign, I experimented with a number of various outreach email scripts. The following is the most effective:

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