A Look Ahead to 2021-2022 Link Building Stats and Trends

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A Look Ahead to 2021-2022 Link Building Stats and Trends

03/11/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Backlink

A Look Ahead to 2021-2022 Link Building Stats and Trends

By looking at the most recent data, we can learn a lot about the effectiveness of link development.

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According to link building data, what can we learn about the practise of link building?

The top ranking variables, according to a high-level Google strategist:

Your site's content and inbound links are both important.

Google's John Mueller has verified this even more recently:

As with gaining social proof, link building is a kind of social currency. Strong, authoritative links going back to your content tell Google that your website is trustworthy and educational.

Ranking for competitive keywords in your field is difficult if you don't have connections to your site.

For 2021–2022, these are the most important links in construction data and trends to keep an eye on.

Information on Link Building Statistics

In order to increase your domain rating and improve your backlink profile, you need to be aware of the following facts about link development.

Two of the most essential variables for ranking on Google are content and backlinks. RankBrain is the next step. (Google)

2. Websites with a higher domain rating from Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush are more likely to appear on the first page of Google's search results. Backlinko

Google's top-ranking page has an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than pages 2-10:

4. Websites having a greater number of unique root domains outrank those with fewer. Backlinko

According to uSERP, 95% of all web pages do not have any backlinks to their sites.

According to 66% of digital marketers, link building is the most difficult component of SEO (SEO Tribunal).

It's better to get links from high-ranking websites rather than low-ranking ones (uSERP).

Blog articles with 3,000 words or more often earn more backlinks than shorter pieces (Moz).

When compared to other forms of blog post content, listicles create the most unique backlinks (Moz).

In terms of content ranking, exact match anchor text backlinks have no advantage over non-exact match anchor text (Ahrefs).

A natural anchor text profile that includes a mix of exact match, brand, and general/random anchor text is found on the highest-ranking Alexa-rated websites. uSERP Link Building Status

According to 58.1 percent of SEOs (uSERP State of Link Building), backlinks have a significant impact on search engine rankings.

Backlinks were predicted to have a greater influence by 59.00 percent of respondents in the next several years, while 33.84 percent said they would have the same impact. uSERP Link Building Status

In other words, just 2.2% of all internet material generates more than one unique backlink. Backlinko

15. Domain rating and domain authority are the most crucial factors for total backlink quality, according to marketers (65%). uSERP Link Building Status

16. Unique root domain, domain rating/authority, content quality, website traffic, and relevancy to your subject are the most essential variables to identify the quality of backlinks. uSERP Link Building Status

To build links, 90% of marketers rely heavily on content pieces.(Moz)

In fact, 91% of all sites on the internet get no organic traffic at all, mostly because they have no links pointing to their content. impact.

In their link profiles, 54.48 percent of all SEOs value nofollow links (uSERP State of Link Building).

20. Google is changing the "nofollow" tag for backlinks, which might have a greater impact on your backlink profile than before. (Google)

More than 60% of organizations outsource link-building activities to agencies or contractors, according to a recent survey. SERP Link Building Status

According to 58.1 percent of SEOs (SERP State of Link Building), backlinks have a significant impact on search engine rankings.

23,56,3% of respondents feel that the quality and number of links have an effect on rankings (SERP State of Link Building).

As many as 85 percent of SEO and marketing professionals believe link building has a significant impact on brand authority and brand building.

The majority of SEOs feel that content and backlinks work best together in order to improve organic traffic.

26. Google Search Console, Buzzstream, Ahrefs, Majestic, Pitchbox, Screaming Frog, MailShake, Semrush, and Moz are the most popular tools for link creation and tracking.

Organic traffic growth is the most essential KPI for marketers and SEOs when obtaining links since it is a consequence of increased organic search engine ranking.

28. The most effective link-building techniques are content marketing, guest blogging, and link exchanges.

29. Most businesses' monthly link-building budgets range from $1,000 to $15,000 or more.SERP Link Building Status

Data on the Costs of Link Building

How much does it cost to have links built? This is a difficult subject to answer since there are so many variables that influence connection costs:

The backlink's domain rating

On the page, a number of other links

Relevance is a measure of the quality of the information you link to.

Traffic to the site The Spam score and a slew of other factors

Outsourcing or in-house link creation has a significant impact on cost.

In-house link building is sometimes dependent on salary or hourly pay, tool expenses, and more, but using a link building firm is a basic, direct cost.

Accordingly, below are the most recent figures on connection construction expenses.

From $150 to $300 per link is the usual price for lesser grade connections (Siege).

Contextual backlinks with high authority cost on the order of $700-$1,000 per link (SERP State of Link Building)

Outsourcing link building often consumes a quarter or more of a company's overall SEO marketing budget (SEO Tribunal).

It is estimated that almost half of all SEOs spend at least $10,000 a year on link development. (Aira)

According to 41% of SEOs, the cost of acquiring new backlinks will rise even more in the future as competition heats up.

Sixty-nine percent of marketers say that purchasing links improve their search engine rankings for challenging keywords. (Aira)

Link Building Trends for 2021–2022

As time goes by, link-building methods and trends change.

To begin, plans are unique and lead to amazing organic development for companies. Eventually, the market becomes saturated, and success rates fall until the cycle is repeated.

In order to maximize your conversion rates and your domain authority score, you need to be aware of the most recent backlink trends.

Are you more of a visual learner? What you need to know about the four most important trends in video marketing is explained by Jenna, SERP's Director of Video.

Trend #1: Cold outreach for link building is oversaturated, and the outcomes are terrible.

When it comes to link building, is it worth the time and effort to do cold outreach?

The majority of people will say no. Only 8.5% of cold outreach emails for link building are really successful in generating traffic for your site.

What's going on? What if you saw it this way?

If you want to get a link from a prominent magazine, you'll have to compete with hundreds of other individuals pitching the same subject.

If they ever open the email, the chances of them reading your material and allowing you to connect out to your own website are poor to none.

If cold outreach is a significant part of your plan, there are better options for link-building.

For those of you who prefer cold outreach, here are a few data-backed tips:

Send follow-up emails to double the number of answers to your emails.

Cold outreach emails for backlinks are most effective during midweek, so send yours on Wednesday to take advantage of this.

Personalize the content of your body, including your skin, hair, and nails. When link-building emails are personalized, the response rate increases by 33%.

If you're looking for ways to spend your time and money, there are many different options.

The second trend is backlinks from original research.

From infographics to bespoke photos to listicles, there is a myriad of options for creating content. If you're looking for backlinks, you may want to avoid this sort of material at all costs.

So, what kind of content generates the most backlinks?

It's the first time I've done this!

Since original research is either a study or a piece of unique data, it's possible to post it.

For example, you may conduct a poll of 1,000 bloggers to examine how blogging has evolved in the past few years, or you can conduct a survey of consumers in your sector to find out what motivates them to buy.

As you can see from the results, it's an excellent way to get a lot of high-quality backlinks:

Develop new research projects that have never been done before in your field. A novel approach to a popular topic might help you gain a leg up on the competition.

To get big brand mentions after publishing, use a digital PR firm (cough users cough) and use manual outreach, social media promotion, and hiring a digital PR agency.

More than ever, link building has become a fiercely competitive arena.

Backlinks are quite rare on the internet. Every day, more and more digital marketers, SEOs, and businesses spend money on link development.

What does this imply?

It's becoming more difficult to get connections that will have a positive impact on your company.

Cold-calling isn't working. Broken link construction is a time-consuming and often ineffective process. Search engine results pages (SERPs) have become more crowded because a lot of big websites with high domain ratings are being found.

Because the link-building market is more crowded than ever, it needs new approaches, fresh content, and a greater focus on cultivating personal connections.

Trend #4: Traditional press releases are becoming less useful.

Press releases have been used by both marketers and SEOs for years as a technique to swiftly acquire links on a large scale.

Press releases are generally characterized by the following:

In addition, they often write on issues that are relevant to your industry and link back to your site (almost always nofollow).

However, press release links tend to be of poorer quality and are nearly always nofollow, making this a less than ideal condition for SEO.

A few hundred nofollow links from low-quality domains that link out to hundreds of thousands of other low-quality domains is not very beneficial.

It is far more cost-effective to buy high-authority link mentions than it is to spend thousands of dollars on curated news releases.

We underestimated the usefulness of nofollow links until recently.

Until recently, nofollow links were considered meaningless. You have a nofollow link, I see. So what?

This is no longer the case, though.

There have been big changes to the development of link characteristics like nofollow links just a few days ago.

Rel="nofollow" has previously been defined by Google as

Use this attribute if you don't want a link to show that you're endorsing another site, or if you don't want to give that site any of your search engine rankings.

Google, on the other hand, is giving nofollow links a whole new meaning now that these modifications are in force.

When nofollow was first implemented, Google's search engines ignored any links tagged in this manner. This is no longer the case. In Google, sponsored, user-generated content (UGC), and nofollow are all handled as "hints" to help narrow down the results. Other signals will also help us figure out how to use our systems' links better.

What does this imply in simple English?

As a result, Google will now have the option of passing along ranking credit to nofollow links rather than immediately devaluing them as soon as the nofollow tag is applied to them.

In light of criteria like the content, relevancy, and even the direct anchor text of that link, nofollows now have a considerably greater potential worth than ever before.

Is Your Link Building and Domain Rating Ready for the Next Level?

This link-building data should have shed some light on the best practises.

You can't get top-tier backlinks on your own unless you have a lot of contacts and a lot of expertise.

There are days or weeks of study, spreadsheet analysis, and combing the web to get the correct contact information for manual outreach initiatives.

Surely this is a lot of effort. The personalisation, templates, tools, scheduling campaigns, and more are all yet to come. Getting backlinks isn't as difficult as you would think.

Outsourcing is your best option for acquiring high-quality connections on a large scale.

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