20 Content Marketing SEO Tools

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20 Content Marketing SEO Tools

12/10/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tools

7 Content Marketing SEO Tools

In order to effectively grow any content marketing campaign, every marketer must have the necessary tools. In addition to creating high-quality content on a regular basis, you must optimize your material so that you can be the most relevant response to your consumers' questions.

According to a recent poll of over 200 B2B marketers, content marketing solutions are now the top priority for 85% of respondents. What follows is a collection of free and paid technologies that content marketers may use to improve their work's searchability in order to better serve clients.

Youtube Backlinks Generator:-

Since there are probably hundreds of SEO-focused material tools, plugins, bookmarklets, software solutions, and services available on the market, this list is just designed to serve as a starting point for your attempts to enhance your content's search potential.

Research Methods

20 Content Marketing SEO Tools
To conduct a successful search, you need to know what keywords to use. Keywords that offer a good balance of search volume and competitiveness should be sought for in general. Pick keywords that are in high demand, but don't go overboard and risk losing out on the top spot in the search results. Here are a few helpful resources for finding keywords that may help you come up with new content ideas and improve the quality of your existing material.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Using Google's Keyword Planner is a feasible option after the demise of Google's Keyword Tool. A Google AdWords account is required for access, but you may execute many of the same research activities as before for exposing related terms, popularity scores, and competition search rankings.



PPC keyword research is provided by WordStream's technology. In spite of this, it does provide certain free tools that enable you to do keyword research, uncover niche keywords, group similar keywords, and identify negative terms that may be utilized in a PPC ad campaign.

WordStream's free keyword tool provides a list of 11 or so keyword recommendations, as well as a graph that shows how often the phrase is searched on. After signing up for a free trial, more statistics like Google search traffic and competitiveness are accessible. Full membership to WordStream offers a wide range of keyword management tools to help you keep track of your keywords.


Researching keywords using Wordtracker is a simple process that provides you with a list of 10 possible synonyms, as well as search traffic estimates for popularity and competitiveness (a ratio of search volume vs. competition).

After paying for Wordtracker's subscription service, you may keep keyword research projects and dig down into related terms (like synonyms).



Google search auto-suggestions are used to populate this tool, which is absolutely free to use. For example, when I search for "content" on Google, the results include "content management system," "content marketing," "content strategy," and the Content Marketing Institute. "

While keyword research projects cannot be "saved," the findings may simply be copied into a spreadsheet and saved off-line.

Intense Competition

The following tools can help you better determine which organic and sponsored search terms are bringing traffic to your rivals' websites. – Google Search Console This information may be used to find new possibilities and to compare one company to another.


Using this tool, you can find out what keywords your rivals (or any site) are ranking for in Google. Groups of research tools are available:

Ad Research reveals PPC adverts from competitors.
Google's organic search results are shown in Organic Research.
AdSense serves as a matchmaker between advertising and publishers.
In order to find out who is linked to you or your competitors, backlinks are a great tool.
You may utilize keyword research to get ideas for keywords to employ in your website's optimization.


In addition to the most successful keywords, SpyFu's Classic and SmartSearch tools provide a wealth of information for free, including rival PPC advertisements, top organic listings, and domain strength, expected clicks per month, and position history.

Optimization of content
For those who have never done keyword research before, it might seem like guesswork. A content optimization tool may be a great help here


With the help of tools like InboundWriter, beginners to SEO copywriting may learn how to do keyword research for a given piece. InboundWriter is a WordPress plug-in and a website that provides keyword and social media research data. Your search engine optimization efforts will also benefit from this tool's suggestion of keywords.



A WordPress plug-in and a stand-alone SaaS option are both available from Copyblogger Media's Scribe, neither of which are free. However, this tool allows you to do keyword and social media research from inside the document view, as well as from the search results page. Using their science and your creativity, Scribe will evaluate your content and provide you with keyword optimization suggestions.

On-Page SEO basics
Using these content tools, you may uncover flaws and opportunities that can enhance the way search engines locate, crawl, and index your website. There is no need for most content marketers to get involved with technical SEO. Your site's speed, crawling issues, and social/search engine friendliness should not be overlooked if search performance is to be achieved.

Google's Webmaster Central

In order to better understand how search engines interact with a website, both Google and Bing provide access to a variety of data. Webmaster tools provided by Google provide information on anything from crawling issues to the most popular terms in Google's search results. It's also possible to generate trends out of the data collected and to see search statistics for pages that have been authenticated as being written by you.

SEO Spider Screaming Frog

When running locally, Screaming Frog is a tool that collects and analyzes a broad variety of data from your website, including individual web pages (and all of the pieces that make up a web page), internal and external links, response codes, and page speeds. An XML sitemap generator is also included. Subscribing to a subscription eliminates the restriction on the number of objects that may be analyzed, which is 500.

It's a Pingdom Website Speed Test

This tool lets you test how quickly your pages load, which is a ranking factor. As Google scans the web, slow sites make for a poor user experience and are inefficient for the search engine to employ. Using this tool, you may get personalized advice on how to speed up a certain website.

It's time to get to know SMO

Any web page may be checked with this useful tool to determine whether it uses Open Graph, Google+ Authorship, or LinkedIn or Twitter's Summary Card data in its code. Among other things, it tests for a few very fundamental SEO aspects.

Link Detection & Monitoring
It's no secret that links are the backbone of the internet, dating back to the early days of Google (and even earlier). If your website and digital assets aren't found by your target audience, it's because of the quality of the links that point to them. The following content tools may help you keep track of your link profile, which is fundamental to how well your page ranks.


Ahrefs provides a basic collection of tools for free and a more comprehensive set of tools for a fee. Using the free option, you may get an excellent overview of any domain name's link profile, including fresh connections and links that have been lost. Comparing two domain names will also provide you with a report on links and link kinds, as well as social shares. On a daily basis, many top SEOs use Ahrefs' entire (premium) set of tools.


When it comes to monitoring links, link tracking services can match Google's volume of data. With a free account, marketers may utilize Majestic's free service to investigate links to their content (or the material of their rivals), which includes information on link kinds, origins, and history as well as a list of sites and languages most often used in those connections. Additionally, Majestic provides a unique visual analysis of link quality and the likelihood of passing visitors, which it terms Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

The Site Explorer may be opened.

In addition to the various SEO tools provided by Moz, Open Site Explorer is one. Additionally, you may use its link tracking tool to see how effectively a domain or page is connected to other websites.

Google's SEO tools

Many of the continuous duties, reporting, and research required to succeed in organic search may be organized using an SEO management toolset for marketers whose job role is to manage a company's SEO. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Tools for optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, as well as PPC advertising are provided by Raven for small and medium-sized organizations. A variety of reports may be retrieved to monitor search engine performance based on page-level data. It's a solid collection of tools for the price.


BrightEdge's SEO program management tools, competitive research, and SEO analysis, and suggestions for online, mobile, local, and global applications are a complete solution for mid-market, large, and enterprise firms. Dashboards, reporting and forecasting tools are also part of the package. In addition, Majestic SEO, Moz, and Google Analytics are all easily integrated with BrightEdge.

Analytics on the Internet
Content marketing requires the use of an analytics provider that translates the activities of visitors (browser or otherwise). In addition, you may use particular measuring tools to improve your content, call-to-actions, and other aspects that affect customer purchasing behavior (aka conversion rate optimization).

Analytics from Google

Google Analytics is the most comprehensive free analytics tool on the market, providing a wealth of information about your content's performance on the internet. To get the most out of Google Analytics, you should take advantage of the company's training and certification programs.

Content, team members, and tools may set you on a road to offering clients an exceptional level of service they can't get elsewhere. Please contact us if you need assistance in developing high-quality content marketing that better serves your clients' demands. Allseotoolfree Marketing is here to assist!

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